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Laurel Bestock

Vartan Gregorian Assistant Professor:
Archaeology and Egyptology & Ancient Western Asian Studies
Phone: +1 401 863 6291


My research focuses on the material culture of the Nile Valley. I am particularly interested in kingship and monumentality, but also in the development of sacred space over time and on cultural interactions. I run two excavations. At Abydos, in Egypt, we have recently discovered a mortuary temple built for one of the very first kings of Egypt as well as a much later underground structure for the burial of sacred ibis mummies; this was remodeled into a church and hermitage by Coptic Christians in the 1st millennium AD. At Uronarti, in the Sudan, my co-director (Christian Knoblauch, University of Vienna) and I are exploring the relations between Egyptians and Nubians in the context of a monumental fortress built by the conquering Egyptian kings in the early 2nd millennium BC. I hold a BA from Brown and MA and PhD from the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU.




I teach courses dealing with all aspects of Egyptian material culture and archaeology. In addition I have taught ceramic analysis for archaeologists and Egyptian history.

Curriculum Vitae

Download Laurel Bestock's Curriculum Vitae in PDF Format