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John Steele

Professor of Egyptology and Ancient West Asian Studies:
Egyptology & Ancient Western Asian Studies
Phone: +1 401 863 6229


John Steele is a historian of the exact sciences in antiquity. He specializes in the history of astronomy, with a particular focus on Mesopotamian astronomy. He is the author of Observations and Predictions of Eclipse Times by Early Astronomers (Kluwer 2000), A Brief Introduction to Astronomy in the Middle East (Saqi 2008), and Ancient Astronomical Observations and the Study of the Moon's Motion (1692-1857) (Springer 2012), and editor of Calendars and Years: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient Near East (Oxbow Books 2007), Calendars and Years II: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient and Medieval World (Oxbow Books 2011) and co-editor of Under One Sky: Astronomy and Mathematics in the Ancient Near East, edited by J. M. Steele and A. Imhausen (Ugarit Verlag 2002), and Living the Lunar Calendar, edited by J. Ben-Dov, W. Horowitz and J. M. Steele (Oxbow Books 2012). Before coming to Brown, John Steele has been a Royal Society University Research Fellow at Durham University, E. P. May Fellow at the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology at the University of Toronto, and Dibner Institure Postdoctoral Fellow at the Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology.


BSc, PhD