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Lisa Mignone

Assistant Professor of Classics:
Macfarlane House 206
Phone: +1 401 863 2992
Phone 2: +1 401 863 1267

Lisa Mignone studies Roman social history, especially the ongoing and interactive relationship of historical events and the sites in which they occur. Because her area of expertise is the Roman Republic (C6-C1 BC), she draws her evidence from a wide range of sources, including history, literature, art history and archaeology. In her studies of the city of Rome, she combines urban theory with comparative evidence from other ancient cities including Pompeii, where she did field work.


Lisa Mignone received her PhD from Columbia University in Classical Studies, an interdisciplinary program in Ancient History, Art History & Archaeology, and Classical Philology. She has an MPhil (Classical Studies) from Columbia, MA (Classics) from University of Virginia, and AB magna cum laude (Classical Philology) from Radcliffe College of Harvard University.

Mignone was awarded a Rome Prize from the American Academy in Rome (AAR) and spent the subsequent year as a fellow at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (Italy). She comes to Brown after a year as faculty at NYU.

Mignone's ancillary training includes numismatics (American Numismatic Society), epigraphy (Oxford University), archaeology (La Sapienza/AAR and AAPP), and topography (American School of Classical Studies in Athens and AAR).

Mignone serves on Brown's Executive Committee of the Program in Ancient History, and she is the delegate representing the Archaeological Institute of America to the American Council of Learned Societies.


Primary research interests:
~ Greek and Roman History
~ Ancient Historiography
~ Roman Art and Archaeology
~ Urban History and Development
~ Human Geography

At present, Lisa Mignone's primary area of research is the social history of the Roman Republic with a particular focus on the relationship of place and historical events in the city of Rome. Her monograph (in progress) reconstructs the social and urban history of Rome's Aventine Hill. Traditionally, this area of Rome has been associated with the rabble and the revolutionary proletariat. Prof. Mignone's book, on the other hand, reconstructs the residential history of the Aventine and shows the inappropriateness of reading any district of Rome, let alone the Aventine itself, as a "plebeian" area. The complexity of the pre-modern megalopolis must have been characterized by a significant degree of residential integration; thus the Aventine community would have resembled those found elsewhere within the city of Rome. In fact, the literary and archaeological evidence suggest that the societal cross-section of residents on the Aventine reflected Rome's residential patterns in microcosm.

Her next book project will examine the way Romans worshiped the goddess Juno at Rome. This study will privilege historical, religious, archaeological (including epigraphic and numismatic) and art historical evidence to explore her cult practices rather than the role she played as a character in literary texts.

Some smaller projects include (1) reconsidering the significance of Roman cities' sacred boundaries, and (2) remapping Rome's oldest aqueduct in the economic, political, technological, and "sanitary" context of the fourth century BCE.


Margo Tytus Summer Fellowship, University of Cincinnati, 2012

Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa/ American Academy in Rome Exchange Fellowship, 2007-2008

Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation Fellowship, 2007-2008 (declined)

Samuel H. Kress Foundation/ Frank Brown/ Helen M. Woodruff Fellowship of the Archaeological Institute of America Rome Prize, 2006-2007

Wollemborg Fellowship, Columbia University, 2005-2006, for research in Italy.


American Philological Association
Archaeological Institute of America
American Academy in Rome


Ancient History, Latin Literature (primarily prose)

Curriculum Vitae

Download Lisa Mignone's Curriculum Vitae in PDF Format