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Pronunciation Practice

  • Pinyin Practice. Exercises, self quiz, and more. Provided with sound files.

Writing Practice

  • Writing Tutorial. With animation and sound files. Part of a larger collection of links for learning Chinese online. University of Southern California, Long Beach.

Listening Comprehension

  • Video Clips of Survival Chinese "... designed for students of low intermediate level who want to improve their listening skills and to learn to function in various real-life situations in China." Includes " clips, Chinese texts with pop up annotations, various types of listening comprehension exercises and suggestions for how the video clips be integrated with the training of other skills such as speaking and writing."
  • An Introduction to Chinese Proverbs and their origins. Wellesley College Chinese Department. 15 narratives illustrating a Chinese proverb, narrated and illustrated with graphics, and provided with exercises. Available is the classical Chinese text placed alongside the modern colloquial Chinese version.


  • Readings. USC Chinese Department. Readings graded according to level. Includes links to other readings.
  • Chinese Classical Literature. "This site contains Chinese classics with each character hyperlinked to its definition and etymology. No Chinese software is necessary - characters are displayed as images. Links to English translations are included for most works."
  • Language of the Dragon. A Classical Chinese e-Reader based on prof. Gregory Chiang's textbook. Prof. Tim Xie, State University of California, Long Beach.


  • Chinese Annotation Tool. Enter Chinese text or URL. You can then: segment (see spaces between individual words), annotate (see definition and pronunciation in status bar or in footnote), convert to pinyin and more!
  • How to use Unicode Pinyin Fonts. To add tone marks to pinyin (for example in pinyin-converted text from the above annotator), follow the instructions under theheading "How to Create Pinyin Conversion Macros in Word 2000".
  • Babel Fish Translation. When you need that little bit of extra help. Not recommended, but may be useful.
  • Translation help. The site is dedicated to learning Mandarin Chinese.
  • Chinese Word Processing I. Key Word Processor: Chinese Word processor...includes numerous teaching and learning features, the KEYTip online dictionary, and the Java version "CJK Server"
  • TigerNT. Chinese-English-Chinese Dictionary and other goodies.

News, Magazines

  • News. Links to news sources in Chinese. University of Michigan Chinese Language Program.
  • China-related daily news in English and a weekly magazine in Chinese.

Links Gateways, Search Engines

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