according to the U.S. Supreme Court,

mouse clicking is an "affirmative action."





welcome to "the most participatory

form of mass speech yet developed."




this term does not imply the search for a beginning;

it does not relate analysis to a geological excavation.

it designates the general theme of a description that

questions the already-said at the level of its existence:

of the enunciative function that operates within it, of

the discursive formation, and the general archive system

to which it belongs. archaeology describes discourses as

practices specified in the element of the archive.

(michel foucault, the archaeology of knowledge)



VII. Indicating the material or substance of

which anything is made or consists. (OED)



designating or pertaining to a form of artistic, educational,

or commercial communication in which more than one

medium is used....1968 Sun (Baltimore) 4 July A. 16/3

The notes of one conference we attended a few weeks ago..

show that speakers were using such

and multi-mode curriculum. (OED)