In Chapter Three, “High Tech Orientalism,” I argue for the non-accidental persistence of pornography, race, class, gender, and age by showing how differences return as sexual threats or opportunities:  as fear over homosexual pedophiliacs who supposedly populate the Internet, as fetishized computer technologies, as pornographic sites that appear within the ten best “hits” on searches performed on Oriental, Asian American and Latina/o.  Through a reading of William Gibson’s Neuromancer, Cleo Odzer’s Virtual Spaces : Sex and the Cyber Citizen and webpages by and about Third World Women, I argue that the Internet can be, and has been, construed as an Orientalist space.  That is, textual encounters on the Internet, rather than following the model of civil interchanges, can follow the example of orientalist exploitation and projection, if the emphasis is placed on protecting the self from others.   

Introduction (pdf)
Chapter One, "First Contact"
Chapter Two, "Pornocracy"
Chapter Four, "Stroking Keys"
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