Tutorial #12: Strong Verbs, Classes 1 and 2

The excerpts below contain a bracketed class 1 or 2 verb in the citation form. Identify the form of the verb appropriate to its phrase or clause.

The correct form will be one of the principal parts (infinitive, preterite third person singular, preterite plural, or past participle).

No contract verbs like ๐้on are included, so you should be able to derive the appropriate form directly from the citation form, even when the verb is not discussed specifically in chapter 19.

For the purposes of this tutorial, assume that all infinitive clauses use an uninflected infinitive.

When entering answers, in general please use thorn (þ) at the beginning of a word and eth (ð) otherwise.

If your first try is incorrect, you will be given 4 possible choices for the answer. Keep trying until you get the right answer, at which point you will be given some comments and presented with the next question.

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