Tutorial #7: Use of Weak Adjectives

In this tutorial, you are asked to supply the weak adjective form appropriate to the clause in which it appears.

The adjective will normally be preceded by a demonstrative/article indicating its number, gender, and case.

In verse especially, the weak adjective may appear without a noun in a construction similar the one used for Modern English phrases like the poor, the rich, the weak, the strong, etc.

The form supplied between brackets is the citation form (the one heading main entries in a glossary or dictionary). This will often be the strong rather than the weak nominative singular.

When entering answers, in general please use thorn (þ) at the beginning of a word and eth (ð) otherwise.

If your first try is incorrect, you will be given 4 possible choices for the answer. Keep trying until you get the right answer, at which point you will be given some comments and presented with the next question.

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