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Ronald Martinez

Italian Studies

In 2011, in collaboration with Robert M. Durling, I finished an edition with translation and commentary of Dante's Paradiso(the first two volumes, Inferno and Purgatorio, were published in 1996 and 2003) I am currently writing a study of Dante's adaptation of liturgy to narrative and linguistic aspects of his work.


RL Martinez has published some forty scholarly essays on Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio, Ariosto, and Machiavelli, co-authored a book on Dante's lyrics (Time and the Crystal: Studies in Dante's Rime Petrose, University of California Press, 1990) and translated Italian plays and literary criticism. In addition to Dante and Trecento Studies, his research interests include Renaissance drama and cultural history.


Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 1969; University of California Regent's Fellowship, 1971; Danforth Dissertation Fellowship, 1973; NEH Fellowship for University Teachers, 1993-94; Visiting Professor, Villa I Tatti (Harvard Center for Renaissance Studies in Florence), 1999; U. of Minnesota Humanities Institute Faculty Fellow, 2001; Lecturer in the Chair of Italian Studies, Berkeley, April 2006; Honorary Member of the Societa'Dantesca Italiana, as of 2009.


Modern Language Association
Dante Society of America
Renaissance Society of America
Societa'Dantesca Italiana (honorary).

Funded Research

No current funding. Past funding: NEH Fellowship for University Teachers, 1993-94 ($30,000); U. of Minnesota Graduate School research grant, 1998; Brown University grant for new course development (shared with Prof. E. Lincon)($3000).

Curriculum Vitae

Download Ronald Martinez's Curriculum Vitae in PDF Format