SFH:  Common Equipment Locations and Overseers

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Robbert Créton Judy Nathanson
Geoff Williams
RAID 5 High capacity server
 Leduc Bio-imaging Facility
Al Dahlberg Steve Gregory French Press (Rm. 235)
    L8-80 Ultracentrifuge (Rm. 379)
    TL-100 (Rm. 237)L8-80 Ultracentrifuge
 (Rm. 379)
Alison DeLong Alison DeLong SPOT digital microscope camera (Rm. 137)
    Scintillation counter (Rm. 135)
Steve Helfand Suzanne Hosier Dishwashing room 1st floor (Rm. 159)
 Includes MilliQ water, autoclave,
 dishwasher and sterilizing ovens)
Susan Gerbi Jacob Bliss Dishwashing room 2ndt floor (Rm. 259)
 Includes MilliQ water, autoclave,
 dishwasher and sterilizing ovens)
Mark Johnson Mark Johnson Centrifuge (Rm. 141)
    Emergency backup freezer (Rm. 141)
    Incubator shaking, refrigerated
 New Brunswick (Rm. 141)
    Percival illuminated incubator (Rm. 143)
Art Landy Christine Lank Centrifuge (Rm. 281)
  Nicole Seah
 Joan Boyles
Typhoon (Rm. 245)
  David Warren
 Joan Boyles
Phosphorimager (Rm. 245)
  Wenjun Tong Gel dryers, vacuum pumps, vacuum oven (Rm. 267)
  Christine Lank Cell Growth and Protein Purification Facility
 (includes New Brunswick shaker incubators,
 Gyro-rotary shaker baths, 14 liter fermentor,
 Evolution preparative centrifuge,
 FPLC chromatography system,
 Nano-drop spectrophotometer and fluorimeter)
 (Rm. 281)
Jeff Laney John Pezza Real Time PCR (2) (Rm. 245)
  Alex Wilcox Sonicator (Rm. 243)
Kim Mowry Erin Powrie Centrifuge (Rm. 267)
    Scintillation Counter (Rm. 237)
  Katie Pratt Gel documentation camera Luminometer,
 speedvac (Rm. 267)
Rob Reenan Arthur Sugden Emergency -80 freezer (Rm. 379)
    Sorvall (Rm. 379)
Tricia Serio Tricia Serio Darkroom and film developer (Rm. 273)
    Incubators, rotators and ice machine (Rm. 251)
    Incubator shaking New Brunswick (Rm. 237)
Gary Wessel Adrian Reich Lyophilizer (Rm. 173)
    Sorvall centrifuges (6) and their associated rotors
 (overall overseer)
    Centrifuge (Rm. 173)