BOCA Course Listings

Spring 2010

BIOL 0200: Foundation of Living Systems - K. Miller and J. Stein
BIOL 0280: Introductory Biochemistry- G. Jogl and A.Salomon
BIOL 0320: Vetebrate Biology- M. Thopmson
BIOL 0440: Plant Organism- A. DeLong
BIOL 0500: Cell and Molecular Biology - W. Atwood, P. Heywood, and R. Freiman
BIOL 0860: Diet and Chronic Disease - M. Flynn
BIOL 1220: Synthetic Biological Systems in Theory and Practice - G. Wessel
BIOL 1310, 2310: Analysis of Development - M. Zervas, R. Freiman, and G. Wessel
BIOL 1540, 2540: Molecular Gentics - M. Johnson and J. Bender
BIOL 2200: Current Topics in Cell Biology:The Role of Posttanscriptional Modification in Eukaryotic Gene Expression - W. Fairbrother and R. Page
BIOL 2290B: Current topics in Cell Biology (Topic to TBA) - A. Brodsky and A. Dahlberg
BIOL 2290C: Neuronal Signaling meets the RNA World - W. Reenan and J. Laney
BIOL 2320D: The Biology of Aging - J. Sedivy, M. Tatar and S. Helfand