Mac Vincent Edds, Jr.
Academic and Professional Achievements


  • Undergraduate and M.A. at Amherst College on amphibian induction with Oscar E. Schotté* (regeneration in salamanders)
    * 1928: Schotté joined Spemann lab and transplanted frog ventral ectoderm to mouth region of a newt gastrula induction of newt with frog mouth; Spemann Nobel prize in 1938
  • Ph.D. at Yale (1940-43) on mammalian embryogenesis with John. S. Nicholas
  • Postdoc at University of Chicago on nerve growth with Paul Weiss
  • Honorary Sc.D. from Amherst College (1968)

Faculty Appointments

  • University of Pittsburg Department of Anatomy (2 years)
  • 1947: Brown University Biology Department hired by J. Walter Wilson
  • 1960-1963: Chair of Biology Department, Brown University (succeeded J.W. Wilson; Mac Edds
    led the growth from 15 faculty to form the Division of Biology and Medicine)
  • 1963-1965: Chair of Division of Biology and Medicine, Brown University
  • 1965: Director of Medicine in the Division of Biology and Medicine, Brown University
  • ~1970: Dean of Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, U. Mass. (Amherst)
  • ~1973: Executive Director of MIT Neuroscience Research Program

Professional Activities

  • Research on vertebrate nerve growth (surgery, electron microscopy, biochem)
  • Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL)
    • Embryology course (summers of 1950s-1960s; course director 1956)
    • 1965-69: Board of Trustees; 1968 – executive committee of Board of Trustees
  • Society for Developmental Biology (SDB)
    • 1954-1956: SDB secretary
    • 1959:: SDB started its journal Developmental Biology; (Mac Edds served as its editor-in-chief for its first dozen years)