Frank Rothman
Provost and Professor of Biology, Emeritus:

Academic and Professional Acheivements

Frank Rothman, after receiving a Ph.D. in organic chemistry in 1955, switched to the new field of molecular genetics. He joined the faculty of Brown University in 1961, and taught courses in biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and aging, winning several teaching awards. His research on the regulation of gene expression in bacteria and cellular slime molds was funded by nine consecutive grants from the NSF. He was the founding director of the Graduate Program in Molecular and Cell Biology, and its training grant from NIGMS, now in its 31st year. From 1990-1995, he served as Provost, a role that involved him in all institutional issues regarding science, mathematics and engineering education. Since retirement in 1997, he has been active with the Progeria Research Foundation in research, and with Project Kaleidoscope on undergraduate science education.