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Kimberly Mowry

Walter Atwood

Atwood, Walter
Cell and Molecular Biology of Human Polyomavirus Host Cell Interactions.
Bender, Judith
Gene silencing and biosynthesis of tryptophan in Arabidopsis.
Dahlberg, Albert
Ribosomes and ribosomal RNA structure and function.
Deaconescu, Alexandra
Biochemical and biophysical underpinnings of DNA transactions.
DeLong, Alison
Protein phosphorylation and signal transduction in Arabidopsis.
Fairbrother, Will
Identification and characterization of functional elements in the genome; computational biology.
Freiman, Richard
Chromatin and transcriptional control; regulation of tissue specific gene expression in the mouse reproductive system.
Gerbi, Susan
RNA-RNA interactions (rRNA, U3 snRNA, 7SL of SRP); chromosome structure and DNA replication; molecular evolution.
Helfand, Stephen
Molecular genetics of aging and longevity.
Heywood, Peter
Ultrastructure of algal, protozoan and mammalian cells.
Jogl, Gerwald
Functions and structural interactions of modular protein domains.
Johnson, Mark
Molecular genetic analysis of plant reproductive development: Mechanisms of targeted pollen tube growth in Arabidopsis.
Landy, Arthur
Mechanism  of site-specific recombination; protein-DNA interactions; structure of higher-order protein-DNA complexes.
Lapierre, Louis
Molecular mechanisms of aging and lifespan extension: Integration of longevity gene expression and metabolism with lysosomal function and autophagy.
Larschan, Erica
Chromatin structure and gene dosage compensation.
McKeown, Michael
Behavioral genetics in Drosophila.
Miller, Kenneth
Cell structure; membrane structure and composition; electron microscopy.
Morrow, Eric
Genetics of cognitive development.
Mowry, Kimberly
mRNA localization during oogenesis; Xenopus development.
Neretti, Nicola
Genomics; bioinformatics and computational biology; biology of aging.
Page, Rebecca
Protein X-ray crystallography; neuronal scaffolding protein complexes; phosphatase/kinases critical for the immune system and cancer.
Reenan, Robert
Evolution of brain function and behavior.
Salomon, Arthur
Exploitation of emerging proteomic technologies to probe cellular signaling networks; development of bioinformatics tools to distill data generated in modern protemics experiments.
Schlissel, Mark
Regulation of antigen receptor gene rearrangement and lymphocyte development.
Sedivy, John
Proto-oncogene signaling (c-myc, c-raf); cell-cycle control; molecular mechanisms of cellular senescence; cell culture genetics; gene targeting
Webb, Ashley
Molecular mechanisms underlying neural stem cell function and decline during aging; longevity-associated transcription factor networks
Wessel, Gary
Cell and molecular biology of fertilization; organelle biogenesis.
Wharton, Kristi
Role of growth factors and signal transduction in cell fate determination and differentiation during development; Drosophila developmental genetics.
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Créton, Robbert Mark Alliegro
Gregory, Steven Irina Arkhipova
Haley, Sheila Marko Horb
Kreiling, Jill David Mark Welch
Schorl, Christoph Joel Smith
  Mitch Sogin
  Jonathan Gitlin