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Guests of the Music Department

What do singers Jessye Norman and Marilyn Horne, cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, violinist Itzhak Perlman, pianist Leon Fleisher, actors Kate Burton and Barry Bostwick, music legend Stevie Wonder, composer Steve Reich, jazz greats James Moody and Jimmy Heath, and DJ Spooky have in common?

They've all come to Brown University to interact with our music students!

For decades we've had the privilege and pleasure to host an exciting and varied array of solo performers, ensembles, scholars, and composers for the benefit of our students and the greater Brown community.

The very best musicians have led master classes and performed with our students. The finest in the music industry have led round table discussions and counseled our concentrators on how to 'make it in music'. The brightest minds have shared their scholarly work during colloquia and conferences. And the most respected composers have been in residence, guiding performances of their work and mentoring our composition students.

If you come to Brown, as a student or a visitor, chances are you'll enjoy an event with people like the ones listed here.

What are you waiting for?


Charles Schleuter, Trumpet (BSO)
Tommie Lundberg, Bass Clarinet
Robert Merfeld, pianist (Appled Hill Chamber Players)
David Hagen (NEC)
Abram Loft, violinist
Jeffrey Siegel, pianist
Larry Rachleff (RIPO)
Principal Wind Players (RIPO)
Roberto Diaz, violist
Leon Fleisher, pianist
Jan Gottlieb Jiracek, pianist
Roy Howat, pianist (French Music Specialist)
Lori Phillips, soprano
Mark Peskanov, violinist
Sharon Ibsin, guitarist
Bina Bryndorf, organist (Royal Conservatory, Copenhagen)
Eugenie Kuffler, piccolo/flute (Paris Conservatoire)
Oleg Volkov, pianist
Joe Foley, principal trumpet (RIPO)
Colin Carr, cellist
Cho-Liang Lin, violinist
Andre-Michel Schub, pianist
Robert Levin, pianist
Stephanie Chase, violinist
Juli Albers, cellist
Jon Kimura Parker, pianist
Pamela Frank, violinist
Steven Drury, pianist (NEC)
Frankl Lloyd, hornist (RIPO)
Paula Sager, Alexander Technique
Kenneth Hamilton, pianist
Eric Ewazen and Brass Venture
Jose de Oliveira Lopes, baritone
Cosmas Magaya, mbira musician
Burton Kaplan (Manhattan School of Music and NYU)
Robert Page, conductor
Julian Wachner, conductor/composer
Kim Kashkashian, violist
Fred Redd, baritone
Cynthia Munzer, vocalist
Gideon Rubin, pianist
Claudia Catania, mezzo soprano
Gabriel Chodos, pianist (NEC)
Frédéric Bednarz, violinist (Molinari String Quartet)

Verdehr Trio
Bruno Morin, organist
Margarita Fyodorova, pianist
George Keith, fiddle
Kiev Saxophone Quartet
Barry and Holly Tashian (Bluegrass)
Wesleyan University Chorus (Neely Bruce, director)
Walter Ferrero, choreography/dancer
Jaron Lanier, Josh Pearson, David Rokeby, Stephanie Strickland, Paul Garin, and Louis- Philippe Demers (Pong Festival)
Troika Dance Company (Pong Festival)
Joyce DiCamillo Trio
Cecil Lytle, pianist
Denise Walker, vocalist
Mark Dresser Tio
Gudmundur Emilsson, guest conductor
Boston Schola Cantorum
MIT Orchestra (David Epstein, conductor)
The Sarus Ensemble (contemporary electronic music)
Gerry Girouard, Stephen Rueff, Jennifer Holt (Body Electric Experimental Choreography)
Bruce Molsky, fiddle/banjo/guitar
Dutch Percussion Group
Boston Conservatory Chamber Players
Dave Liebman, Dan Moretti, Fred DiChristofaro, saxophonists
John Ramsay, bass
Bruce Gertz, drums
Jack Glatzer, violinis
Eric Goodchild, bagpiper
Allen McCullough, pianist
Eugenie Kuffler, piccolo/flute (Paris Conservatoire)
Barrada Brass (Couoes, Portugal)
Duo Liveoak (Music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance)
Yale Pro Musica (Marguerite Brooks, director)
Dorian Consort
Gearoid O hAllmhurain (Irish Traditional Music)
Providence Muilleannium Tionol (Irish Traditional Music)
Bruno Spoerri, Christy Doran, Reto Weber, (Eletronic Jazz -
Filip Bral, conductor
Baltic Chamber Orchestra (Gudmunder Emilsson, conductor)
Gudny Gumundsdottir, violinist
Lynn Helding, mezzo-soprano
Del Rey, blues singer/guitarist
1997 Classical Fellows of the American Pianists Association
Gary Buttery, tubist
Yoichi Udagawa, conductor
Trent Austin, trumpeter
Carl Fontana, trombonist
Joe Coccia Trombone Choir
Julian Wachner, conductor
Liz Carroll (All Ireland Champion Fiddler)
Jim DeWan, guitarist/vocalist
Carla Cuomo and Maria Rosaria Margiotta, duo pianists (Italy)
James Moody, tenor saxophone
Paolo bellomia, conductor
Toshiko Akiyoshi, jazz pianist and composer
Bowed Piano Ensemble
Ron Barron, trombonist (BSO)
Clark Buehling, banjo virtuoso
Bill Harley, composer
Quintessential (Women’s Medieval & Renaissance Ensemble)
Oskar Eustis, narrator
Rufus Reid, bassist
Jessye Norman, soprano
Kenneth Hamilton, pianist
Solati Trio
Eric Culver, conductor
Concordia Consort (Sheila Beardslee, director)
Hafez Modirzadeh, saxophonist/composer (San Francisco State
Phil Markowitz, pianist
Joseph Foley, trumpetist (RIPO)
George Masso, trombonist
Natsuki Hiratsuka, pianist
Frédéric Bednarz, violinist (Molinari String Quartet)

Margarita Fyodorova, pianist
Anthony Seeger (Curator & Director, Smithsonian/Folkways Recordings)
Morton Subotnick (CalARTS)
Jonathan Kramer, composer/theorist (Columbia University)
Cecilia Tichi (Vanderbilt University)
Forward Kwenda (Mbira music/Zimbabwe)
Erica Azim (Mbira music/Zimbabwe)
Robert Provine (University of Durham/UK)
Marco Beltrami
Gwyneth Walker, composer
David Lai (Sony Music)
Hanako Yamaguchi (Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.)
Nancy Uscher
Roy Howat, pianist (French Music Specialist)
Steve Reich, composer
Andrea Ridilla, oboist
Mel Mercier (University College Cork, Ireland)
DJ Spooky
Craig Hazen (Zen Music)
Duo Liveoak (Music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance)
Brian Holmes, composer (San Jose State University)
David Buskin, song-writer/performer
Gearoid O hAllmhurain (Irish Traditional Music)
His Excellency Olafur Ragnar Grimsson (President, Iceland)
Waking Dreams and Warrier Women
Siva Vaidhyanathan (NYU)
David Black, composer
Hafez Modirzadeh, saxophonist/composer (San Francisco State University)
Alvin Lucier, composer
Paul Berliner
Cosmas Magaya
Robert Pate
Latif Bolat
Bob Gluck (
Kayhan Kalhor, Iranian kamancheh virtuoso/composer
Anne McGinty, composer
Nick Spitzer
Svanibor Pettan
Kjell Skyllstad
Wayne Newell
Blanch Sockabasin
Martha Ellen Davis
Judith Gray
Jonathan Kertzer
Dan Sheehy
Tom van Buren
Robert Maggio, composer
Mist Thorkelsdottir, composer (Iceland)
Atli Heimir Sveinsson, composer (Iceland)
Matthew Allen (Univ. of Oklahoma)
Louise Meintjes
Daniel Sheehy
James Bau Graves
Sindhu Revuluri
Adam Krims
Kenneth Hamilton, pianist

PONG Festival
Video, Technology and Performance
Invested in Community: Ethnomusicology and Musical Advocacy
Festival of Chamber Choirs (Universities of Rhode Island, Dartmouth, Tufts and Brown)
Boston CyberArts Festival
FirstWorks Festival
Sax and the City (Saxophone Festival)
Katrina, Katrina (Festival to Rebuild New Orleans)
Premières Festival
Liszt Festival

NEC = New England Conservatory
RIPO = Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra
NYU = New York University
BSO = Boston Symphony Orchestra