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Professor Clemens Risi from the Institute for Theater Arts at the Free University in Berlin will be the Max Kade Visiting Professor in German Studies and Music in Spring 2008.  He is also a member of the Free University's program, Cultures of Performativity, and specializes in the performance of music. For German Studies he will teach a course on Wagner's Theater in English.  For the Music Department he will teach a seminar in opera studies - "Performance Analysis and Opera."

MUSC 1640B Seminar in Opera Studies [formerly MU0135]
An advanced seminar dealing with critical, historical and aesthetic questions surrounding opera as a genre. Topics, which will vary from semester to semester, include: the social meaning of opera; staging and its vicissitudes; opera critics and criticism; music as spectacle; voices and vocalists; opera on film. Prerequisites will vary according to the instructor.

S01 Performance Analysis and Opera - [CRN 21984]
The seminar will explore current tendencies in (radical) opera productions in Germany and elsewhere as well as methods to analyze opera in performance. Based on the premise that the performative dimension of opera is to be understood as the ephemeral and reciprocal process between performing actors/singers and recipients, this seminar will raise the question of how this special relationship can be theorized and analyzed.
Wed. 3:00-6:20 p.m. (C. Risi) Orwig 112