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Faculty (cont.)


Affiliated Faculty

Sandol Astrausky, Teaching Associate

Sheryl Kaskowitz, Visiting Instructor

Stefanie Lubkowski, Visiting Lecturer

Rory MacLeod, Teaching Associate

Adeline Mueller, Visiting Assistant Professor

Ed Osborn, Assistant Professor of Visual Art

Teaching Associates

The following professionals teach private and group lessons in the department. Students wishing to audition should address inquiries to Kathleen Nelson (863-3236), or to one of the four faculty directors of the Applied Music Program:

Paul Phillips, strings and harp instruction
Arlene Cole, piano instruction
Matthew McGarrell, winds, brass, and jazz instruction
Fred Jodry, vocal instruction


Lois Finkel, violin
Charles Sherba, violin
Jesse Holstein, violin
David Rubinstein, viola
Consuelo Sherba, viola
Daniel Harp, cello
Nancy Kidd, double bass
Hyunjung Choi, harp
Mychal Gendron, classical guitar
Paul Kolesnikow, jazz guitar
David Zinno, jazz bass


Arlene Cole, piano
Linda Jiorle-Nagy, piano
Rosalind Chua, piano
Ronald Sanfilippo, jazz piano
Mark Steinbach, organ


Brad Fugate
Kathryne Jennings
Yvonne Monnet (jazz)
Nancy Rosenberg
Andrew Garland
Taylor Stilson





Cheryl Bishkoff, oboe
Ron Haroutunian, bassoon
Karen Heninger, clarinet
Amy Mendillo, oboe
Brian Sparks, saxophone
Kathleen Boyd, flute
Ed Tomassi, jazz saxophone and improv
Bill Vint, jazz saxophone


Gary Buttery, tuba
Gene Crisafulli, trumpet
Alexei Doohovskoy, trombone
Jeremy Ronkin, horn


I.M.Harjito, gamelan
Paul Mason, jazz drums
Martin Obeng, African drums
Kevin Plouffe, percussion


Lessons also available for credit on the following instruments:
Tabla, Sitar, ‘Ud, Mandolin, Banjo, Fiddle Recorder, Harpsichord