Additional Resources at Brown

The Brown Media Labs

Media Labs

The labs consist of an area with workstations for students as well as classrooms for technical demonstrations and instruction. The workstations are configured to allow for input from many types of external media, both digital and analog. Equipment is also available to create output in various forms including high resolution printers for photos or other images. The equipment ranges from audio samplers and synthesizers to slide scanners and digital video players.

The workstations are setup with all the necessary software to process the media and create interactive media in many formats. The software collection includes Flash, Director, Premiere, Photoshop, Logic Pro, Cinema 4D, File Maker Pro, and After Effects.


The Orwig Music Library

The Music Library, one of the libraries comprising the Brown University Library system, houses the general music collection on campus: music books, scores, periodicals, sound recordings, video recordings and microforms. The collection supports the curriculum of the Music Department and provides material for general use by the Brown community. All material is listed on our on-line system Josiah. Our books and scores circulate outside the library; audio and video recordings have restricted circulation.


Production Workshop

Production Workshop


PW is a non-profit student theatre at Brown University that assists students in putting on theatrical productions on campus. Located next door to Grant Recital hall, PW houses a 35' by 60' Black Box Theatre as well as a smaller performance space and rehearsal rooms.


Creative Arts Council

Creative Arts Council


The Brown University Creative Arts Council supports the goals of the individual creative art departments and programs as well as facilitating a common vision for the arts that transcends discipline and creates unity. The Council serves as a catalyst for innovative collaboration across disciplines and provides a regular forum for communication among all members of the arts community.

The Council seeks a leadership role in charting a strategic direction for the arts at Brown, and will contribute to the development of a strategy to help provide resources for the arts within the context of Brown's overall plans for the future.

The Creative Arts Council is for the benefit of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends. Through its public activities, it seeks to maximize the visibility of the arts on campus, throughout the local community as well as on a national and international level.