Research and Studio Facilities


The research interests of meme@brown are primarily focused on the creative use of real-time audio and multimedia systems for performance and installation. Investigations include: video and audio processing, motion sensing systems, new controllers, sound synthesis, interactive and automated installations, DSP for sound and video, gesture analysis, and interactive audio/video systems for dance. The principle software systems in use are MaxMSP, Jitter, NATO, Director, ProTools, Logic, Final Cut, and common sound and image editing programs. Sensing systems include the Very Nervous System, I-Cube, Teleo, and student-created electronic sensing devices.

Graduate students have access to five private studios: a digital recording studio, a large teaching studio, and three project studios. All are equipped with Apple computers, a comprehensive suite of software tools, Kurzweil synthesizers, DVD/CD burners, sound systems, and various MIDI controllers. The studios are administered by the department's technical manager, and students assistants. Graduate students have 24-hour access to all of the studio facilities.

Graduate students may also work in one of Brown's Multimedia Labs, multi-computer teaching and production facilities for digital video, animation, sound, still images, hypertext, web design, and interactive media. The Multimedia Labs are available to any student requiring high-quality graphics and video capabilities.


performance spaces

meme@brown produces events in several spaces in and around the Brown campus, including: