VICTOR GAMA Event Descriptions

4pm, Wednesday March 3
McKinney Conference Room, 3rd Floor of the Watson International Institute (map)

Tsikaya is a documentary project about traditional music making practices in Angola’s interior for the purpose of creating the nation’s first digital music archive while supporting rural economies and the practices of rural artists. In 2009 Mr. Gama’s organization, PangeiaArt, successfully launched the first products from this work, a Tsikaya CD (available for download on iTunes and and a Tsikaya website that features audio, photo, and video documentation from the project. Mr. Gama will discuss the challenges of making documentary work in a developing country, demonstrate the Tsikaya website, and discuss PangeiaArt’s future plans for the Tsikaya online archive.

6 PM, Thursday March 4
Orwig Music Building, Room 315

Pangeia Instrumentos is a musical project that embraces instrument design and construction into the compositional process. As part of this practice, composer/performer/instrument designer Victor Gama has created the Golian Modes which are derived from "Bidimbu," an ancient Kongo/Angolan graphic writing system. The modes are based on "Dikenga," a cosmogram and "N'kizy," an object that contains meaning and scores written in one of the golian modes requires the design and construction of a new instrument for materializing the concepts of this composition. In this lecture, Mr. Gama will present the Golian Modes compositional system, his instruments, and the 3D design and rapid prototyping systems he uses to materialize the objects required for his musical work.

10:30 AM, Friday March 5
Grant Recital Hall

This workshop presents an in-depth conversation between students and composer/performer/instrument designer Victor Gama about sonic sculpture and about the challenges of creating compositional and performance techniques for new musical instruments. It will feature hands-on contact with Gama's acoustic instruments and foreground discussion about design considerations and construction techniques.Students interested in being a workshop participant should email Matthew Warne ( The general public is invited to observe the event; no reservation is required.

8 PM, Friday March 5
Grant Recital Hall

Solo performance, music/arts by Victor Gama

In SOL(t)O, Victor Gama develops a sound palette with his instruments that are hypnotic and otherworldly ranging from percussive loops to string arpeggios built from the barest of components that square the circle between Gamelan music, the work of turn of the century composers such as Eric Satie, and the music of the twentieth century minimalists Steve Reich, Michael Nyman or Arvo Part.

Performing the instruments he builds, the Pangeia Instrumentos, the name of the critically-acclaimed album released by Aphex Twin, Gama pushes the envelope of folk based structures while mixing sounds from his lap-top and electronic loop stations. SOL(t)O is a multimedia show that consists of the most recent compositions for Acrux, Toha, Dino with projected images from Victor Gama’s Tectonik:TOMBUA project in the Namibe desert on the South-western coast of Angola.

In the past few years Victor Gama has created a well programmed and exciting live show in which his instrumental virtuosity and creative chemistry has captured audiences across the world. His show appeals as much to the mainstream world music crowd as to avant-garde, improvised music and electronica audiences.

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