How to Apply...

For admission, applicants apply directly to the Brown University Graduate School. Please use the online application form available on their site.

Admission requirements: Three or four examples of your best creative work are required and must be sent to the Graduate School; examples can include music CDs, videos, DVDs, scores, CD-ROMs, web sites, or other artwork. Please include brief notes about your work and anything else that may help guide in the evaluation process. Writing sample not required. Candidates are evaluated primarily on their creative work.

Graduate School Admission Office
Box 1867
47 George Street
Brown University
Providence, R.I. 02912

The Graduate School requires the (morning) GRE verbal and quantitative test for all applications.. There is no entrance exam for the Electronic Music and Multimedia Composition Program. Candidates are evaluated primarily by their creative work.

Students must hold the baccalaureate degree or its equivalent, but are not required to hold a degree in music. Applicants are expected to have advanced training in at least one art form and experience in music performance and/or composition.

Brown prefers the online application, but a traditional paper application is available at the Brown University Graduate School website.


Brown offers a limited number of fellowships (tuition + stipend), teaching assistanceships (with tuition waiver) graduate proctorships and tuition scholarships. Work-study and other forms of financial aid are also available.