Todd Winkler, Co-Director

Website | Todd_Winkler@brown.edu | 401.863.3651

Todd Winkler is a composer and multimedia artist on the faculty at Brown University, where he co-directs the Ph.D. program in Computer Music and Multimedia, and chairs the Music Department. His work explores ways in which human actions can affect sound and images produced by computers in dance productions, interactive video installations, and concert pieces for computers and instruments. Full Profile


Joseph Butch Rovan, Co-Director

Website | rovan@brown.edu |401.863.1793

Joseph Butch Rovan is a composer and performer on the faculty of the Department of Music at Brown University, where he co-directs program the MEME program. Prior to joining Brown he directed CEMI, the Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia, at the University of North Texas, and was a “compositeur en recherche” with the Real-Time Systems Team at (IRCAM) in Paris. Full Profile

Technical Director


Jim Moses, Technical Director/Lecturer

Website | jmoses@brown.edu | 401.863.9829

Jim is an audio producer, engineer, composer, sound designer, and musician. He has worked extensively in electro-acoustic music, radio broadcasting, theatrical sound design, and live and studio music production. Credits include National Public Radio, BMG/musicmasters, Bridge, CRI, New World Records; compositions and sound designs include work presented by the International Computer Music Conference, The Acoustical Society of America, The New Jersey Opera Festival, Providence Black Rep, Pixilerations Festival, and The Princeton Composers Ensemble.



Ed Osborn, Professor of Art

Website | Ed_Osborn@brown.edu | 401.863.3651

Ed Osborn's sound art pieces take many forms including installation, sculpture, radio, video, performance, and public projects. His works combine a visceral sense of space, aurality, and motion with a precise economy of materials. Ranging from rumbling fans and sounding train sets to squirming music boxes and delicate feedback networks, Osborn's kinetic and audible pieces function as resonating systems that are by turns playful and oblique, engaging and enigmatic. Full Profile


Gerald Shapiro, Professor of Composition

Website | Gerald_Shapiro@brown.edu | 401.863.3651

Gerald M. Shapiro was born in Philadelphia in 1942 and attended public schools there. He received the Bachelor of Music degree with distinction from the Eastman School of Music in 1964 and continued with graduate work at Mills College, where he received an M.A. in 1967, the University of California at Davis, and the Conservatoire Nationale de Musique in Paris, France; where he studied under a Fulbright grant. Full Profile


Betsey Biggs, Post-Doc

Website | Betsey_Biggs@brown.edu | 401.863.1393

Betsey Biggs is a composer and interdisciplinary artist whose work in music, sound, video and installation aims to expose the beautiful in the mundane, to investigate the relationship between sound and image, and to transform the city into a creative interface through psychogeographic practice. Recent projects include a theatrical work with flutist and performer Margaret Lancaster, an outdoor mixer powered by people's shadows and a series of site-specific soundtracks. Biggs received her Ph.D. from Princeton University and currently holds a postdoctoral fellowship at Brown's Cogut Center for the Humanities.