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Undergraduate Concentration

The undergraduate concentration in electronic music and multimedia focuses on the technical, aesthetic, and cultural issues surrounding music made by electronic means. This interdisciplinary approach includes the study of music composition, computer programming, sound synthesis, signal processing, music history, music theory, cultural studies, and other related electronic media. Theoretical knowledge is assimilated through intensive creative projects designed to foster personal style. A concentration in computer music and multimedia requires:

Music Theory (2 courses)
0550 is offered every fall; 0560 is offered every spring.
MUSC 0550: Theory of Tonal Music I
MUSC 0560: Theory of Tonal Music II

Computer Music Foundation (3 courses)
MUSC 0200: Computers and Music
MUSC 1200: Seminar in Electronic Music – The Recording Studio as Compositional Tool
MUSC 1210: Seminar in Electronic Music – Real-Time Systems

Musicology/Ethnomusicology Elective (1 course)
One scholarly course numbered above MUSC 0900 level

Other Electives (4 courses)
Students must take four elective courses selected in any combination from the following groups:
Computer Music and Multimedia courses, MUSC 1220-1290 or MUSC 2200-2290
Theory and composition courses, MUSC 1020-1190
No more than one lower-level Computer Music and Multimedia course, MUSC 0210-0230
No more than one electronic art production course (VISA or MCM) from approved list (see the Concentration Advisor for current approved courses in this area)

10 courses total

For more information, please contact Kathleen Nelson, the Music Department's Student Affairs Coordinator.