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Music Concentrators

Lukas Bentel '15 is an artist involved in both the visual and performing arts. He is currently enrolled in the joint Brown/RISD dual degree program where he studies furniture design and multimedia computer music. Lukas has won numerous awards in the visual arts from national organizations such as the Alliance of Art and Writing. His work has been exhibited at the RISD Museum, Hecksher Museum, Hillel Gallery, Granoff Center, and the Art League of Long Island. He recently won a competition for the Seattle Next Fifty to build an installation/performance piece on the Seattle Worlds Fair grounds in June of 2012 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Seattle Worlds Fair. Lukas has worked for visual artists Tony Matelli and Norman Mooney. He attended the Manhattan School of Music studying both composition and cello performance. Lukas has studied with Juilliard professor Andre Emelianoff, and Yale professor Ole Akahoshi; and studied with Anthony Aibel for composition. He has performed at both the Bowdoin International Music Festival and at the Tanglewood Music Festival. The Long Island Philharmonic has performed Lukas’ compositions. Lukas’ work often deals with the interplay between visual art, sound art, high art culture and common everyday life.

Carrie Danielson ’14 is a Music Theory & History/Composition concentrator from Mora, Minnesota. She began playing the oboe with her school band in the fifth grade, and after discovering the joys of instrumental music, took up piano lessons a year later. In high school, she was an active member in her school’s Band program, for which she received the John Philip Sousa Award and was selected for the Minnesota All-State orchestra as an oboist and English hornist. At Brown, she has played in the Orchestra and continues to study oboe with Amy Mendillo through the Applied Music Program. Carrie is also a member of the Brown Band, for which she currently serves as President. To this day, Carrie realizes the impact music education has had on her life and works to promote research and advocacy for arts education in our schools. In 2010, she conducted an epidemiological study focusing on positive correlations between music education and factors contributing to overall mental health, for which she was honored as a national semi-finalist in the College Board’s Young Epidemiology Scholars competition. At Brown, she hopes to continue on to reach her goal of sharing the importance music has to our youth and society and to study music education through an applied ethnomusicological approach.

Kevin Gonzalez ’14 is a double concentrator in MEME and Hispanic Studies from Wichita Falls, TX. His main instruments include the piano, guitar, and percussion. Kevin first became interested in music at a young age, largely by his father’s participation in a local band. At the age of 13, he was introduced to computer music by his brother, Ivan Gonzalez, and began to make music as a hobby, particularly urban music. He worked with his brother as an audio engineer, editing and compiling their father’s Sunday sermons for the radio. During this time, Kevin also took piano lessons for a few years until high school, where he continued to produce music with his brother while also playing varsity soccer. At Brown, he continues to produce original beats as well as playing soccer.

Ryan Gourley '17 is a Music Theory, History, and Composition concentrator from San Antonio, Texas. Ryan is currently planning on pursuing a 5 year A.B./Sc.B. Program with Computer Engineering. Ryan picked up his first guitar when he was seven years old, quickly learning his first scale (the minor pentatonic) so he could improvise with his uncle. In 6th grade, Ryan began to learn percussion and discovered his passion for composing. At his high school, Ryan was the drumline captain as well as the principle percussion player in the school orchestra. He is a two time state-level Solo and Ensemble Competition performer, earning superior ratings on the most difficult grade of marching snare solo. He has composed and premiered two full length scores for short films, two large orchestral arrangements, winning Honorable Mention at the State Farm Texas Original Score Contest in 2010. He is a featured member of the Carnegie Hall Music Exchange and a member of the Audio Engineering Society. At Brown, Ryan is involved with the Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Percussion Ensemble, Brown Opera Board, and works as an independent recording master/record producer for hire. Ryan hopes to combine his love of science and music through engineering research and eventually work in the audio engineering industry.

Devanney Haruta ’16 is a double concentrator in Music History/Theory/Composition and Mathematics from Simsbury, CT. While her studies in piano at the age of five were short-lived, she quickly fell in love with the oboe at age ten and has continued playing ever since. She is a four-year participant at the CMEA Region and All-State Festivals, the New England Music Festival, and was recently invited to play at the New York Summer Music Festival. In addition, she was a member of the Greater Hartford Youth Wind Ensemble and has performed at the Lucarelli Oboe Master Class. She has studied with oboists Harvey Goldstein, Bert Lucarelli, Mark Snyder, and Amy Mendillo, with whom she is currently studying through the Brown Applied Music Program. Over the summer she gives private lessons to beginner oboists. In addition to her love for the oboe, Devanney is also partial to solfege and has taken all three Solfege courses through the Kodály certification program at the Hartt School of Music. At Brown, she performs with the Wind Symphony and in chamber music ensembles. While she considers music her primary concentration, she is also interested in the overlap between music and math and hopes to find a career that incorporates the two.

Alec Kacew '14is a music concentrator from New York City.  He began playing cello at the age of 5 and was a boy soprano in The Young People's Chorus of New York during his Middle School years.  He has studied chamber music at NYU's Steinhardt School and cello performance and music theory at Manhattan School of Music.  At his high school, he was a member of the orchestra, a cappella group, and received honors in music.  Since coming to Brown, Alec has participated in the chamber music program and has played in the pit orchestra for several operas.  As a sophomore, he conducted and music directed Brown University Gilbert and Sullivan's Fall 2011 production of The Mikado.  This summer, he is interning at WNYC's radio program New Sounds, hosted by Jon Schaffer, where he hopes to gain experience with some of the most current trends in the music world, along with music licensing and radio production.

Morgan Lee '14 is a Music History/Theory/Composition Concentrator from Connecticut.  She has played classical piano since age four and currently studies with Linda Jiorle-Nagy in the Brown Applied Music Program.  In fall of 2011, she was one of the final competitors in the Brown University Concerto Competition and in the spring of 2012 she performed an hour-long solo recital featuring the works of Beethoven, Chopin, and Debussy.  She enjoys collaborating with other artists through chamber music and has accompanied musical theater at Brown.  She has been singing in choirs since age seven and participated in both her high school’s honors voice ensemble and the Connecticut All-State Chorus.  She currently sings soprano and serves as Assistant Music Director in the Brown a cappella group the Higher Keys.  While a traditional music concentrator, she has a special interest in ethnomusicology and hopes to study the intersection of music and culture more in future.

Robert Newhouse is a MEME and Computer Science concentrator from Connecticut. Starting at an early age with piano lessons, music had always been a pervasive force and a creative outlet for him. Coming to Brown as a prospective engineer, he was quickly enticed by the versatility offered by digital audio workstations and knew it was going to be a major pursuit during his time at Brown. Three years and two internships later, he's fully invested in his production work and plans to explore his writing and production creativity as a composer in New York City come next year.

Bridget Nixon '14 is a Music Theory, History, and Composition concentrator from New Haven, CT.  Bridget began singing in the Elm City Girls' Choir in New Haven at age eight and sang with them for ten years.  In addition to her public high school Bridget attended the Educational Center for the Arts for four years, where she performed in choral and musical theater ensembles and studied music theory and composition.  Throughout her years in high school Bridget regularly sang in two church choirs in the greater New Haven area.  Bridget currently sings in the University Chorus and studies voice under Dr. Bradley Fugate.  She directs and arranges songs for the Ursa Minors, one of Brown's all-female a cappella groups. She also serves as director of the Youth Choir at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Wickford, RI.  Bridget is thrilled to be a part of the Music Department at Brown!

Ben Resnick '14 is a double concentrator in MEME and Computer Science from Cooperstown, NY. His main instruments are drums, piano, and harmonica. During high school Ben played in a local Big Band and did audio engineering work for musical theatre. Since coming to Brown he has developed installations, played in and recorded rock bands and jazz combos, and learned a lot about music and computers. He looks forward to studying ways in whichsound, image, and computer programs interact.

Brenton Stokes '14 is currently a senior at Brown university, where he concentrates in MEME and Engineering-Physics. He has been composing music since the age of six, starting with humming and emulating the songs he'd hear on thevideogameshe played. He also started playing trumpet at the age of 11 while he was in middle school, and practically grew up playing in the bands around his school district, including but not limited to: concert band, jazz band, marching band and orchestra.Right after he graduated high school, Brenton started producing music--it's been three years since, and he's just getting started. He's muchenamoured with deep house remixes of hallmark pop songs and some classics, and he also makes original works. Check him out on his SoundCloud, where he goes under the moniker of "Achaziyah the Alien", here:, and if you like what you hear, feel free to visit and like his Facebookfan page, at, to keep up with new music releasesand further insights!

Annalise Van Meurs '14 is a Theory/History/Composition concentrator hailing from Menlo Park, CA. She began playing violin at age 5 and ultimately switched to the viola during high school, studying with Leonid Gesin of the San Francisco Symphony. During her middle and high school years, she played with the El Camino Youth Symphony, eventually serving as principal and co-principal of the viola section for two years. At Brown, she plays in the orchestra, works for BuDS, and is a member of the Zeta Delta Xi fraternity. After finishing her undergraduate studies, she will attend Brown's Alpert Medical School and hopes to stay involved in music while studying medicine.