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Volume 1, 1995
Volume 2, 1996
Volume 3, 1997
Volume 4, 1998
Volume 5, 1999

Volume 6, 2000

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Posted 12/2/99
Frank Jackson and Philip Pettit Reply to Michael Ridge

Posted 10/5/99
"A Problem For Expressivists" Analysis, Vol. 58, No. 4 (October, 1998) 239-251, by Frank Jackson and Philip Pettit (Australian National University)
Reviewed by Michael Ridge (Australian National University)

Posted 10/5/99
"Why IS Modesty a Virtue?", by G.F. Schueler (University of New Mexico), and "Modesty and Ignorance", by Julia Driver (City University of New York) Ethics, July 1999, vol. 109, number 4, pp. 835-41
Reviewed by Scott Woodcock (University of Toronto)

Posted 8/26/99
Karen Jones Replies to Eric Wiland

Posted 7/23/99
"Second-Hand Moral Knowledge" The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 96, No. 2 (February 1999) 55-78, by Karen Jones (Cornell University),
Reviewed by Eric Wiland (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Posted beginning 4/8/99:
SYMPOSIUM on "What Is The Point Of Equality?" Ethics, vol. 109 number 2, January 19998, pp. 287-337, by Elizabeth S. Anderson (University of Michigan).
Commentators: Richard Arneson, Thomas Christiano, David Sobel (guest editor).