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Upcoming Events

Colloquium Lecture

Unless otherwise noted, all lectures are held at 3.30pm, with a reception to follow in the department lounge in Corliss-Brackett. Please note that the location may vary.

  • 17 April 2015: Ted Sider (Cornell University), ""
    In Location TBD
    Reception to follow in Corliss-Brackett lounge, 45 Prospect Street

Department News

Professor Emeritus Jaegwon Kim has been awarded the Kyung-Ahm Prize for Scholarly Achievement, which is administered by the Kyung-Ahm Education and Culture Foundation, based in Busan, Korea. It is awarded in four areas: humanities and social science, physical science, life science, and engineering. Professor Kim's award is in the humanities and social science. (Please note that the pages linked above are in Korean.)

Recent Books

Congratulations to Chris Hill, whose book Meaning, Mind, and Knowledge has been published by Oxford University Press. A book of essays he edited with David Bennett, Sensory Integration and the Unity of Consciousness, has also been published by MIT Press.

Congratulations also to Paul Guyer, whose three volume History of Modern Aesthetics has been published by Cambridge University Press, and to Nomy Arpaly, whose book In Praise of Desire, co-written with Timothy Schroeder, has been published by Oxford University Press.

Completed Dissertations

Congratulations to Alexandra King, who successfully defended her dissertation Practical Reason and the Limit of Ability in March.

Congratulations also to Nic Bommarito, who successfully defended his dissertation Inner Virtue in February.

Ethical Inquiry

The Department of Philosophy is pleased to announce the formation of the center for Ethical Inquiry. Its mission is to foster philosophical inquiry into the "good life" in a manner broadly inspired by the form this inquiry assumed in ancient Greek philosophy (paradigmatically in Stoic philosophy).


Inquiries regarding graduate admissions should be directed to the Graduate School and not to the Director of Graduate Studies. The Director of Graduate Studies is responsible only for the Graduate Program, and plays no special role in the admissions processs.

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Director of Graduate Studies: Christopher Hill

Director of Undergraduate Students: Justin Broackes

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