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Picture of Justin Broackes
Justin Broackes
Professor of Philosophy
301B Corliss Brackett
Office Hours: M 2:15-4:15

Justin Broackes received his DPhil from Oxford University and has now taught at Brown for over a decade. His central research Interests include metaphysics and epistemology, the history of 17th and 18th century philosophy, some topics in ancient philosophy, and the philosophy of mind. His current work focuses on the theory of perception from the ancient Greeks to Wittgenstein; on colour and colour-blindness; and on the notion of substance in early modern philosophy and later.

Recent seminar topics include colour, substance, Hume, and Locke.

Online Papers

Section 1, "Biography and Philosophical Career", from the Introduction to Iris Murdoch, Philosopher (Oxford University Press, 2011) (PDF)

"Where do the Unique Hues Come From?" Review of Philosophy and Psychology 2 (2011) (Springer: Online First)

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"Colour, World and Archimedean Metaphysics: Stroud and the Quest for Reality", Erkenntnis 66 (2007); also published in R. Schumacher, ed., Perspectives on Colour Perception (PDF, Springer)

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