Brown University Alpert Medical School | Rhode Island Hospital

Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

PGY -1


Dardan Beqiri, MD


Hometown: Prishtina, Kosovo


BS: University of Connecticut - Storrs


MD: University of Connecticut - Farmington


Why I chose Brown:

Interview Day. All throughout the interview trail I heard people mention the word "fit"; as that would be the most important thing when it came to making my decision for choice of residency. I did not quite understand what they were talking about until I had my interview at Brown University. I felt as though the faculty as well as the residents were truly the best fit for me. The fact that this was a fantastic program with a great reputation for molding great plastic surgeons was just a plus. Providence is also fantastic.


Interests in Plastic Surgery

Really open minded right now and waiting to see which way I lean these next few years!


Interests outside of medicine

Astronomy , soccer , the beach


Favorite things to do in Providence

Eat , eat,  quick trips to the beach and Boston!


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