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Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Division of Hand Surgery


Division Chief: Dr. Scott Schmidt


The Division of Hand Surgery is fully staffed by five  fellowship trained hand surgeons, including Dr. Bhatt, Dr. Edstrom, Dr. Schmidt, Dr. Zienowicz, and Dr. Tang.  We provide care for both adults and pediatric populations, with expertise in congenital hand reconstruction, management of acute trauma, including replantations, peripheral nerve reconstruction, complex wrist surgeries, tendon injuries, and acquired deformities.


Our hand division is supported by a fully staffed hand clinic with a fluroscopy suite, cast room with casting staff, and hand therapists.  Our hand practice is busy, with over 1500 ER hand consults per year and over 1000 operative cases.


Clinical Scope of Practice in Hand Surgery


- Nerve compression syndromes (carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel)


- Tendon repair


- Phalangeal, metacarpal, and wrist fractures and dislocation


- Nerve repair


- Burn surgery


- Replantation


- Pediatric hand surgery (syndactyly, polydactylyl)


- Wrist surgeries


- Dupuytren's contracture


 In addition to a very active clinic and academic practice, the department also have a fully funded research lab, with Dr. Liu and Dr. Tang, investigating biomechanics and improving techniques in tendon repairs.  Dr. Schmidt is also an active investigator in nerve repair and stem cell therapy.



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