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Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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Why I chose Brown

I could not be more excited to spend my training years at Brown!  This program offers a broad, diverse operative experience and training from skilled attendings with years of experience.  The program fosters collegiality and the residents were all welcoming, supportive, and team oriented.  Having one of the busiest emergency departments in the country, there is frequent exposure to reconstructive challenges in complex trauma.  It is an added bonus that I am returning to my childhood community and serving patients from southern New England and beyond.


Interests in plastic surgery

At this point, I am open to all areas in Plastic Surgery.  TBD!


Interests outside of medicine

Cooking, furniture restoration projects, interior design, traveling, tennis.


Favorite activities in Providence

Dinner on Federal Hill, trips to one of the many farmers markets, trying out new restaurants and coffee shops, relaxing with family and friends—the list goes on and on!  Beyond Providence, there is so much to do and see in Rhode Island—it’s truly a gem.




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