Brown University Alpert Medical School | Rhode Island Hospital

Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Salaries 2017:


- PGY-1: $57, 000


- PGY-2: $59,500


- PGY-3: $62,000


- PGY-4: $65,000


- PGY-5: $67,500


- PGY-6: $71,000








- 3 weeks vacation PGY 1-3


- 4 weeks vacation PGY 4-6


- On-call meal stipend


- Lab coats and scrubs


- Free on campus parking


- Laundry


- Educational support for loupes, books, camera


- Health and disability insurance


- Tax shelter accounts


- Travel grants for national conferences


- Access to Brown University library, gym, campus facilities

House officers hold academic appointments to the medical school, which entitle them to use the full spectrum of the University's educational and athletic facilities. This includes full access to the libraries as well as online journals, gym, pool, and the anatomy lab.


On campus, the resident office is located directly over the surgical floors and overlooks downtown Providence and Narragansett Bay. The office features dedicated resident workstations, an extensive library of plastic surgery textbooks and journals, a conference room, a commercial copier and scanner, and a microsurgery training station. It is located in close proximity to the operating rooms as well as the adult and children's emergency rooms.

*Brown University Alpert Medical School Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery