The Great Divide: Is America in the Midst of a Culture War?

Thursday, November 29, 2007 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
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Morris Fiorina and James Davison Hunter


Our culture is embroiled in a clash of ideas. One of the main sources of conflict is over the source of moral authority, with the “traditional” side believing in the absolute moral authority of a personal God and the “progressive” side embracing a view that moral and spiritual truth can be relative. These competing views of reality seriously influence a person’s understanding of family, education, politics, and personal morality.


Fiorina and Abrams co-authored “Culture Wars: The Myth of a Polarized America,” in which they argue that The Red vs. Blue dichotomy is simply a media creation. In reality, America is “grey,” rather than red or blue. America is no more divided now than in the past. Americans tend to agree on most of the major issues such as abortion. However, the structure of the electoral system (including such things as redistricting) result in few choices for voters. They advocate major electoral reform to correct for this problem.


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America Culture War, Morris Fiorina and James Davison Hunter