Janus Fellows

*Please find our new website at www.janusforum.org*

The Janus Fellows are the subgroup of the Janus Forum that heads up the Conversations, Lunch Seminars, and Food for Thought. The Fellows are comprised of about 15-20 members which are selected at the start of each semester. The group is in charge of all aspects of the events they put on from choosing the topics to advertising the events and running them. The Fellows also support the Janus Lectures by helping advertise and ushering for them. 

Current Janus Fellows are:

Anna Jouravleva '12

Sarah Julian '12

Robert Black '13

Alex Fufinaka '13

Olivia Petrocco '13

Sheza Atiq '14

Alexi Diplas '14

Todd Harris '14

Katie Hill '14

Oliver Hudson '14

Sam Levison '14

Haakim Nainar '14

Dave Rosen '14

Jose Araujo '15

Alex Constantino '15

Alex Friedland '15

Dana Schwartz '15