Charles Larmore


Larmore's work in moral and political philosophy has focused on such topics as the foundations of political liberalism, the nature of the self, and the nature of moral judgment. He has also published extensively on figures and problems in the history of philosophy, particularly in the area of 17th century philosophy and on German Idealism. He is the author of a number of books: Patterns of Moral Complexity (1987); Modernité et morale (1993); The Romantic Legacy (1996); The Morals of Modernity (1996); Les Pratiques du moi (2004), which was awarded the "Grand Prix de Philosophie" by the Académie Française; Débat sur l'éthique (2004), co-authored with Alain Renaut; The Autonomy of Morality (2008); Dare ragioni (2008); and Dernières nouvelles du moi (2009), co-authored with Vincent Descombes. Larmore is currently at work on a book about the nature of reason.