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Academic Year in Portugal

Although Brown University has not established a program in Portugal, it is possible for students to spend an academic semester or the full academic year at the University of Lisbon. Since Brown University credit is not automatically granted for study in Portugal, students must petition the Committee on Academic Standing for permission to participate in this program and secure preliminary approval of courses prior to departure. Upon return, students must make a formal request to the Concentration Advisor to have transfer credit applied to the concentration. In planning for participation in this program students should keep in mind that no more than the equivalent of four Brown course credits can be used to fulfill the requirements of the concentration in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. It is mandatory that students who participate in this program remain in close contact with a Brown faculty member throughout the academic semester/year.

For more information about the academic year at the University of Lisbon, please contact Professors Onésimo T. Almeida or Leonor Simas-Almeida.