Materials for the History of
Elections and Parliament in Portugal, 1820-1926


Pedro Tavares de Almeida


There is a long electoral and parliamentary tradition in modern Portugal’s political history, largely connected to the Liberal period as recorded in various sources.  Preserving this historical legacy while making forgotten documents available and preventing the inevitable physical deterioration of others, as well as providing specialists and students with a useful research and educational tool, were the two basic aims that guided the creation of this new website, located in the portal of the National Library of Portugal.

In "Materials for the History of Elections and Parliament in Portugal, 1820-1926", which draws mainly on the National Library’s collections of printed works, the user will find a detailed bibliographical guide, a synopsis of basic data and information (chronology of parliamentary elections and terms, electoral laws and results), and a significant number of reproduced texts (constitutions, rules of parliamentary procedure, electoral manifestos) and images (cartoons, photographs), organized into two periods: the Constitutional Monarchy and the First Republic.  Links direct users to other Portuguese and foreign websites containing similar materials.  See, for example, the website of the Assembleia da República, which allows visitors to consult historical parliamentary journals, and that of the Arquivo Fotográfico Municipal de Lisboa, where one can access a rich collection of photographs, some of which relate to the political life of the first quarter of the 20th century.

The "Materials" website is regularly updated, and may be improved through the incorporation of new materials, as well as through the suggestions and corrections provided by its users.

The "Materials for the History of Elections and Parliament in Portugal, 1820-1926" is the result of an agreement signed on 20 June 2005 between the National Library of Portugal and the team responsible for the research project "Parliamentary Recruitment in Portugal, 1834-1926", funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.


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Pedro Tavares de Almeida

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