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PhD Dissertations Defended at Brown in All Fields Related to Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

Below is a list of doctoral dissertations defended at Brown in all fields related to Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. The list includes dissertations presented to the Departments of Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Hispanic Studies, History, Linguistics, Music, Political Science, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, and Sociology.


Aidoo, Lamonte, "Dissident Desires: Race, Sex and Abolition in 19th Century Brazilian Literature" (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)

Alves, Jorge Antônio Mora de Azevedo, "Coordinating Core State Politics and Intergovernmental Relations in the Brazilian Health Care System" (Political Science)

Bocskay, Stephen A, "Voices of Samba: Music and the Brazilian Racial Imaginary, 1955-1988" (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)

Gibion, Christopher Laurence, "Civilizing the State: Civil Society and the Politics of Primary Public Health Care Provision in Urban Brazil" (Sociology)

Villanua, Maria D, "O escritor no palco: representação e performance em três romances contemporâneos" (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)


Esteves, Ana Margarida Fernandes. "Grassroots Mobilization, Co-Production of Public Policy, and the Promotion of Participatory Democracy by the Brazilian Solidarity Economy Movement" (Sociology)

Millar, Kathleen Marie "Reclaiming the Discarded: the Politics of Labor and Everyday Life in Rio's Garbage Dump" (Anthropology)

Pérez, Oscar C. "Travel, Consciousness and Narrative in the Lusophone Triangle" (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)

Ribeiro, Guilherme Trielli. "Circo Transcendental: O circo místico na poesia de Jorge de Lima, nas canções de Edu Lobo e Chico Buarque, e na cultura brasileira" (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)


Beal, Sophia F. "Brazil Under Construction: Literature, Public Works, and Progress (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)

Feler, Leo, "Essays on Banking and Urban Economic Development" (Economics)

Nielson, Rex P. "Fading Fathers: Writing through Patriarchy in Contemporary Brazilian Literature" (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)


Liu, Yi, "Faces de Jano: A Identidade Nacional nos Estados Novos de Salazar e Getúlio, 1933-1945" (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)


Gómez, Eduardo Jesus, “Responding to Contested Epidemics: Democracy, International Pressures, and the Civic Sources of Institutional Change in the United States and Brazil” (Political Science)

Miles, Tshombe Lee, “The Fight Against Slavery and Racism in Ceará, 1838-1884, (History)

Newcomb, Robert Patrick, “Counterposing Nossa and Nuestra America: Brazil in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Construction of Latin America.” (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)

Ribeiro, Marilia Scaff Rocha, "Intimate Geographies: Space and Experience in the Contemporary Brazilian Novel" (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)

Samalot-Rivera, Yamil Antonio, "A Carnavalização da Fé: O Novo Romance Histórico de Revisitação Colonial e a Releitura das Raízes Religiosas do Brasil.” (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)


Montague, Alexandra, "Contagious Identities: Literary Responses to the Sanitation and Eugenics Movements in Brazil" (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)


Pereira, Pedro Schartt, "Filósofos de Trazer-por-Casa: A Desconfiança da Filosofia como Motivo Literário na Ficção de Eça de Queirós, Machado de Assis e Raul Brandão" (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)

Tosta, Antônio Luciano, "Confluence Narratives in the Literatures of the Americas" (Comparative Literature)


Ferreira, Isabel A., "Memória e Império: Colonos e Famílias no Romance Português de Revisitação Africana dos Anos 90" (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)

Moniz, Miguel, “Exiled Home: Criminal Deportee Forced Return Migrants and Transnational Identity, The Azorean Example” (Anthropology)

Simas-Almeida, Leonor "The Emotional Interplay Between Character and Reader in Madame Bovary, O Primo Bazilio and The Awakening" (Comparative Literature)

Woodard, James P. “A Place in Politics: São Paulo, Brazil, from Seigneurial Republicanism to Regionalist Revolt” (History)


Malkin-Fontecchio, Tia Elizabeth, "Citizens or Workers: The Politics of Education in Northeast Brazil 1959-1964" (History)

Mulcahy, Maria Gloria, "The Portuguese of the U.S. from 1880 to 1990: Distinctiveness in Work Patterns Across Gender, Nativity and Place" (Sociology)


Brockey, Liam M., "The Harvest of the Vine: the Jesuit Missionary Enterprise in China, 1579-1710" (History)

Gordon, Richard A, “Reviewing the Colony/Revising the Nation: Mexican and Brazilian Cinematic Dialogues with Colonial texts.” (Hispanic Studies)

Moser, Robert Henry, "The Carnivalesque Defunto: Death and the Dead in Modern Brazilian Literature." (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)


Allen, Scott J., “Zumbi Nunca Vai Morrer: History, the Practice of Archaeology and Race Politics in Brazil.” (Anthropology)

Kearney, Christine A., “The Comparative Influence of Neoliberal Ideas: Economic Culture and Stabilization in Brazil.” (Political Science)

Morgan, Zachary A. “Legacy of the Lash: Blacks and Corporal Punishment in the Brazilian Navy 1860-1910.” (History)


Freitas, Marcus Vinicius, Charles Frederick Hartt: Um Naturalista no Império de Pedro II." (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)


Lokensgard, Mark A.,"Mário de Andrade and the Short Story: the Impartial Observer Comes Clean.” (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)

Lubkemann, Stephen, "Situating Wartime Migration: Engendered Social Struggle and the Transnationalization of Polygyny in Central Mozambique." (Anthropology)

Mota, Katia Maria Santos, "Brazilian Immigrants in the United States: Paths of Identities within a Bilingual Context.” (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)


Bora, Zélia Monteiro., “Identidade Nacional e Discurso Periférico em Macunaíma e Los Rios Profundos." (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)

Davila, Walter J.J., "'Perfecting the Race': Education and Social Discipline in Brazil's Vargas Era, 1930-1945.” (History)


Hurley-Glowa, Susan Margaret, "Batuko and Funana: Musical Traditions of Santiago, Republic of Cape Verde" (Music)

Sobral, Patricia Isabel Santos, "Belonging and Displacement: Cultural Interspaces in Brazilian Literature.” (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)


Dunn, Christopher John, "The Relics of Brazil: Modernity and Nationality in the Tropicalista Movement." (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)


Harrison, Marguerite Itamar, "Filial Failures: Family Discourse in Contemporary Brazilian fiction.” (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)

Parker, Naomi, “A Fé Perante a Fogueira: O Apelo Bíblico ao Cristão Novo na Consolação às Tribulações de Israel." (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)


Douglass, Ellen H., “Myth as Muteness, Myth as Voice: Feminism, Quest and Imperalism.” (Comparative Literature)

Harrington, Thomas S., "The Pedagogy of Nationhood: Concepts of National Identity in the Iberian Peninsula 1874-1925.” (Hispanic Studies)


Soares, Dulce Maria Medeiros "Social Concertation in a New Democracy: Portugal's Experience to 1989.” (Sociology)


Liedke Filho, Enno D, "Sociology and Society in Brazil and Argentina 1954-1985.” (Sociology)


Liedke, Elida Rubini, "Labor Control in Dependent Development: A Case Study of the Brazilian Electronics Industry in Rio Grande do Sul.” (Sociology)


Becker, Adeline, "The Role of the Public Schools in Maintenance and Change of Ethnic Group Affiliation.” (Anthropology)


Valente, Luiz Fernando, "The Reader in the Work: Fabulation and Affective Response in João Guimarães Rosa and William Faulkner.” (Comparative Literature)


Maia, Eleonora Albano da Motta, "Phonological and Lexical Processes in a Generative Grammar of Portuguese.” (Linguistics)


Moniz, Rita, "The Portuguese of New Bedford, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island: A Comparative Micro-analysis of Political Attitudes and Behavior.” (Sociology)


Brettell, Caroline Bieler, "Hope and Nostalgia: The Migration of Portuguese Women to Paris.” (History)

Cabral, Stephen L., "Portuguese-American Feasting: Tradition and Change in New Bedford, Massachusetts.” (Anthropology)

Correia, Jane Carvalho, "An Unconventional View of the Brazilian Woman in Jorge Amado's Gabriela, Cravo e Canela and Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos.” (Hispanic Studies)

Meintel, Deirdre, "Cape Verdean-Americans: Their Cultural and Historical Background.” (Anthropology)