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Independent Study in Slavic (RUSS, SLAV):

Students wishing to enroll in Departmental Independent Study courses must submit a short written statement to the sponsoring faculty member, describing the project they wish to pursue during the semester. The statement must include the following information and must be approved by the faculty member (the form is in the departmental office):

a. the central idea

b. the goals of the project

c. a brief description of the work to be completed

d. criteria for grading (determined in consultation with the instructor)

e. regular number of meetings across the semester

f. signatures by both student and faculty (by doing so the faculty guarantees the quality of the course)

The deadline for submitting the statement is the last day of “Add a course without fee” period during the semester when the project is undertaken (Students should start discussing the content of the DIS during the pre-registration period). Students will receive registration access from the faculty sponsor only after the form is submitted to the department.

Undergraduate students may only register for a 100-level independent study course.