getting started: teaching and learning with adult English language learners

What images, symbols and signs do people take for granted in western literate cultures?

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ESOL materials, strategies and online resources --

- The goal of this session is to help tutors become (more) knowledgeable about and comfortable with working with adult ESOL learners.

- agenda:

- introductions, burning questions

- something that's worked? something that's challenging

- getting started - building community using a grid, getting learner information

- talking about planning - chunking out time, working backwards

- developing materials: considerations, matching material to task, ability, content

- on computers: exploring various sites - share one/two that are useful, why, why not

- next steps.

- videos:

- we are new york - Learn English

- tales of mere existence - Saturday

reading demonstration (to get a sense of assessing learners' strengths and needs:

new american horizons: demo classes - brief videos

online resources

LESLLA (low educated second language and literacy acquisition) resources

USA learns:

resources from Literacywork International; scenarios, theory, practice - rich repository of resources for classroom practice and practitioner learning

literacy resources - technology:


speaking and listening self-access activities for learners - although using British English, useful sites to consider:



more: to read and research

Florez, M.A.C. (2001). Beginning ESOL Learners' Advice to their teachers. Focus on Basics 5(A).

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Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language

The Literacy Network:

Minnesota Literacy Council: Story by Story Phonics Lessons

International Reading Association: ReadWriteThink

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January 4, 2016