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Active Project List

Updated Jan 2016


Facility Name Project Title Current Phase Occupancy Complete / Completion Date Project Manager / Project Planner
Alumnae Hall Repairs to Plaza Design 06/30/2016 Gary Martins
Andrews House Elevator Replacement Design 12/23/2016 Michael Kenney
Barbour Hall Residence Hall Renewal Phase 3 - Barbour Design 08/08/2016 Steven Phillips
Barus & Holley Lab Renovation 715 (Pober) Construction 02/19/2016 Thomas Cousineau
Benevolent Street 020 Foundation Repairs Design 05/01/2016 Gary Martins
Bio-Medical Center Replace Cooling Tower Design 05/01/2016 Courtney McCracken
Bio-Medical Center Boiler Replacement Allowance FY16 Design 04/29/2016 David Larson
Bio-Medical Center Retro-commissioning at BioMed Center Construction 09/30/2016 David Larson
Bio-Medical Center MPPB Consolidation Design 05/30/2016 Michael Kenney
Bio-Medical Center Elevator Repair Design 06/24/2016 Michael Kenney
Bio-Medical: Acf Aquatics Room Renovations Design 08/31/2016 Michael Kenney
Bio-Medical: Gg Fan Coil Unit Replacement (Rm 283)
Initiation 05/16/2016 Courtney McCracken
Brook St 345 School Of Engineering School of Engineering Construction 12/29/2017 John Cooke
Brown Street 131-133 Brown to Brown Renovations - 131-133 Brown Design 02/24/2017 Thomas Cousineau
Campus ADA Allowance FY16 Construction 06/30/2016 Brian O'Connell
Campus Energy Subsidiary - Lighting Phase 3 (LED) Construction 06/30/2016 David Larson
Campus Demand Response Phase 2 Construction 07/29/2016 David Larson
Campus Thermal Efficiency Improvements Design 03/01/2017 David Larson
Campus Minor Masonry Repairs FY16 Construction 06/30/2016 Gary Martins
Campus Pathway Repair Allowance FY16 Construction 06/30/2016 Gary Martins
Campus Minor Parking Lot Repairs Allowance FY16 Construction 06/30/2016 Gary Martins
Campus New BIBS/BITS Building Planning N/A Ginelle Lang
Campus Campaign Banner Installations Construction 06/30/2016 Joanna Saltonstall
Campus STUDY - East West Campus Spine Planning N/A Lichen Grewer
Campus - Off-Site New School for Professional Studies Building Planning N/A Lichen Grewer
Central Heat Plant ECI - Boiler 1 Economizer / VFDs on FGR-FD Fans Design 03/31/2016 David Larson
Charlesfield St 037 Brown to Brown Renovation - 37 Charlesfield Design 05/27/2016 Thomas Cousineau
Charlesfield Street 038 Brown to Brown Renovation - 38 Charlesfield Design 05/27/2016 Thomas Cousineau
Dyer Street 200 School of Prof. Studies - Classroom Expansion Design 05/13/2016 Steven Phillips
Eddy Street 339 Relocate DPS Tech Bureau Planning N/A Lichen Grewer
Energy Conservation Energy Subsidiary - Fume Hood Upgrades
Planning 06/30/2017 David Larson
Geo-Chem Building Upgrade telecom infrastructure & add isolation valves Construction 02/26/2016 Thomas Cousineau
Geo-Chem Building Lab Renovation (Colvin) Construction 03/31/2016 Thomas Cousineau
George Street 025 Swearer Center Renovation Construction 03/01/2016 Gary Martins
Graduate Center Plaza Repair Design 06/30/2016 Gary Martins
Graduate Center E Chiller Plant Overhaul Design 05/01/2016 Courtney McCracken
J. Walter Wilson Transaction Hub Design 10/15/2016 Thomas Cousineau
Lloyd Avenue 295 Rework Glass Shop Hood Design 03/31/2016 Courtney McCracken
Lyman Hall Cave Floor Replacement and Moisture Remediation Construction 01/26/2016 Michael Kenney
Manning Hall Manning Hall Accessibility Renewal Design 08/31/2016 Michael Kenney
Multiple Distribution Upgrades Design 08/31/2016 Courtney McCracken
Multiple Generator Upgrades Design 10/01/2016 Courtney McCracken
Multiple Strobic Fan Motor Replacement - FY16 Allowance Initiation 09/30/2016 David Larson
Multiple Energy Subsidiary - Retrocommissioning Phase 6 Design 12/29/2017 David Larson
Multiple Retaining Walls Repairs FY15 Construction 06/30/2016 Gary Martins
Multiple Snow Melt System Remediation Construction 01/31/2016 John Colarusso
Multiple Wireless Upgrades - Littlefield, Caswell, Slater Construction 01/31/2016 Steven Phillips
Nelson Fitness Center And Katherine Moran Coleman Aquatics Center Energy Subsidiary - Retro-Commissioning Nelson Construction 12/31/2016 David Larson
Perkins Hall Residence Hall Renewal Phase 3 - Perkins Design 08/08/2016 Steven Phillips
Playing Fields Baseball and Softball Fields Improvements Design 10/14/2016 David LaPlante
Rentals Rental Facilities Allowance FY16 Construction 06/30/2016 Gary Martins
Rockefeller Library Lobby Renovations Construction 01/29/2016 Joanna Saltonstall
Rockefeller Library Sidney Frank Digital Studio Renovation (Rm141)/Misc. Renewal Upgrades Construction 02/04/2016 Joanna Saltonstall
Rockefeller Library Second Floor Renovations for Graduate Student Space (Wernig Reading Room) Design 08/26/2016 Joanna Saltonstall
Sciences Library Renovate Floors 5-9 Construction 04/29/2016 Joanna Saltonstall
Sharpe Refectory Steam Capacity Improvements Planning 03/01/2016 Courtney McCracken
Shirley Miller House Fire Life Safety Upgrades Design 08/13/2016 Courtney McCracken
Sidney E. Frank Hall For Life Sciences Gas Line Modifications Construction 01/29/2016 Courtney McCracken
Sidney E. Frank Hall For Life Sciences Replace DA Tank Design 03/31/2016 Courtney McCracken
Sidney E. Frank Hall For Life Sciences Retro-commissioning - Sidney Frank Hall Construction 09/30/2016 David Larson
Sidney E. Frank Hall For Life Sciences Fire Alarm Upgrades Construction 03/01/2016 Jeffrey Parker
Sidney E. Frank Hall For Life Sciences NAE Replacements Construction 01/31/2015 Larry Hicks
Sidney E. Frank Hall For Life Sciences Third Floor Lab Renovations (Barnea/Fallon) / Kaun Construction 04/29/2016 Michael Kenney
South Street Power Station South Street Landing Design 04/03/2017 Steven Phillips
Stimson Avenue 002 Entrance Rail Repairs Construction TBD Gary Martins
Utilities/Infrastructure Utility Systems Renewal and Upgrade Phase 5 Design 10/28/2016 Courtney McCracken
Utilities/Infrastructure Water Master Plan Design 06/30/2016 David Larson
Watson Center For Information Technology Data Center Improvements, Phase 2 Construction 01/29/2016 Courtney McCracken
Watson Center For Information Technology Renovate 2nd floor ITG space to CS computer lab
Planning TBD David LaPlante
Watson Center For Information Technology Heat Exchanger CV Replacement Construction TBD Larry Hicks
Watson Institute 2 Watson Institute II Planning N/A Lichen Grewer
Wilson Hall Central UPS for CIS telecom Hub Design 08/31/2016 Courtney McCracken