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Active Project List

Updated June 2017


Facility Name Project Title Current Phase Occupancy Complete Project Manager
Alumnae Hall Fire Alarm and Fire Protection Upgrades Planning 09/01/2018 DaSilva
Barus & Holley Physics Minority Lounge, Rm 633-635(Alexander) Design 07/01/2017 DaSilva
Barus & Holley Helium Liquefier Facility Infrastructure Construction 08/01/2017 Haggerty
Bio Med Complex BioMed Renewal Program Design 08/24/2019 McCracken
Bio-Medical Center Replace Cooling Tower Construction 06/15/2017 McCracken
Bowen Street 247 Renovations for Auxiliary Housing Design 07/21/2017 DaSilva
Brook Street 345 School of Engineering School of Engineering Construction 12/29/2017 Cooke
Brown Office Building Relocate Bookstore Computer Area to Basement Design 08/15/2017 Martins
Brown Street 131-133 Brown to Brown Renovations - 131-133 Brown Construction 10/31/2017 O'Connell
Campus Fumehood Allowance FY16 Construction 12/31/2017 Larson
Campus Minor Masonry Repairs FY17 Construction 06/30/2017 Martins
Campus Minor Parking Lot Repair Allowance FY17 Construction 07/15/2017 Martins
Campus Minor Masonry Allowance FY18 Design 06/30/2018 Martins
Campus Pathway Allowance FY18 Design 06/30/2018 Martins
Campus Sidewalk Allowance FY18 Design 06/30/2018 Martins
Campus Parking Lot Allowance FY18 Design 06/30/2018 Martins
Campus Sidewalk Repair Allowance FY17 Construction 07/30/2017 Martins
Campus Fire Alarm Repairs Design 12/29/2017 McCracken
Campus Irrigation Upgrades FY17 Construction 08/31/2017 Parker
Charlesfield Street 063-065 Watson Institute New Building Design 08/30/2018 O'Connell
Edgewood Yacht Club Brown Sailing Center Construction 01/31/2018 McCracken
Energy Conservation Water Master Plan Construction 10/31/2017 Larson
Energy Conservation Energy Subsidiary - Retrocommissioning Phase 6 Construction 12/31/2017 Larson
Energy Conservation Thermal Efficiency Improvements Construction 09/30/2018 Larson
Fones Alley 008 Interior Renovations (Room 016) Construction 06/30/2017 Martins
Geo-Chem Building Generator Upgrade Design 10/15/2017 Haggerty
Geo-Chem Building Infrastructure Renewal Design 10/03/2018 Haggerty
George Street 067 SP17 Startup and Growth Space for Multiple Programs Construction 08/15/2017 Martins
Graduate Center Exhaust Fan Replacement Request 08/30/2017 McCracken
Graduate Center E Chiller Plant Overhaul Construction 06/15/2017 McCracken
J. Walter Wilson SP16 International Programs Consolidation Design 01/08/2018 DaSilva
MacMillan Hall Classroom Fixed Seating Renewal, MacMillan 117 Design 01/19/2018 DaSilva
Maxcy Hall (3rd Fl, S4) Workspace for additional grant funded researchers Construction 08/15/2017 Martins
Multiple Strobic Fan Motor Replacement - FY16/17 Allowance Construction 06/30/2019 Haggerty
Multiple Energy Subsidiary - Lighting Phase 3B (LED) Construction 12/31/2017 Larson
Multiple Boiler Replacement Allowance FY18 Construction 06/30/2018 Larson
Multiple Exterior Paint Allowance FY18 Construction 08/19/2017 Martins
Multiple New Faculty Hires FY18 Construction 09/15/2017 Martins
Multiple Minor Roof Repair Allowance FY16/17 Design 11/30/2017 Martins
Multiple Classroom Finish Allowance FY18 Design 06/30/2018 Martins
Multiple Generator Upgrades Construction 06/30/2017 McCracken
Nicholson House SP16 Relocate American Studies Design 01/22/2018 DaSilva
Nightingale-Brown House Repainting Exterior Construction 08/30/2017 Martins
Olney Margolies Athletic Center Lower Level - Football and Training Room Renovations Construction 08/15/2017 Saltonstall
Orwig Music Hall FA/FP Upgrades Planning 09/01/2018 DaSilva
Pembroke Quad Summer 2017 Housing Renewal - Pembroke dorms Construction 08/10/2017 Saltonstall
Power Street Parking Garage Upper Deck Sealant and Steel Recoating Construction 08/15/2017 Martins
Residence Halls Summer Paint FY18 (Interior) Construction 08/30/2017 Martins
Richmond Street 222 Storage Improvements (Rm 380) Request 08/01/2017 McCracken
Salomon Center for Teaching Seating Replacement at Deccico Auditorium (Rms 101, 201) Design 01/19/2018 DaSilva
Sciences Library SP16 Data Science Initiative Offices Design 08/30/2017 Saltonstall
Sharpe Refectory Core Renewal Priorities Design 06/01/2018 O'Connell
Ship Street 026 Relocate BioMed Admin Design 07/10/2017 Haggerty
Ship Street 070 Ductwork Cleaning Request 09/30/2017 McCracken
Sidney E. Frank Hall for Life Sciences Environmental Chambers Alarm Upgrade Design 07/15/2017 McCracken
Sidney E. Frank Hall for Life Sciences Public Art Renewal FY18 Design 06/15/2018 McCracken
South Street Power Station South Street Landing Construction 12/04/2017 Saltonstall
University Hall First Floor Common Space Improvements Construction 08/31/2017 LaPlante
Vartan Gregorian Quad Window Replacement Construction 06/28/2017 Martins
Vartan Gregorian Quad Replace Fire Pump Test Headers Construction 06/30/2017 McCracken
Waterman Street 085 IBES/DEEPS New Hydrology Hire (Smith) Construction 06/23/2017 DaSilva
Waterman Street 085 IBES/EEB, Renovation of Lab 244/230 (Kartzinel) Construction 06/30/2017 DaSilva
Wilson Hall Building Renovation Construction 08/31/2018 LaPlante
Young Orchard Summer 2017 Housing Renewal Construction 08/10/2017 Saltonstall