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University Planning to Improve Housing for Students with Disabilities

Brown University offers a range of campus housing that accommodates the needs of students with disabilities. Over the next several years, Brown University will be revising policies and performing various campus projects to improve accessibility to these facilities for students with disabilities. These improvements run the gamut from short term to long term projects. Among the accessibility improvements that will be addressed are the following

Campus Residence Hall Facilities: Improvement to accessibility features of dormitory rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Campus Site Improvements: Improvements will be performed relating to the accessibility of routes of travel on campus to accessible dormitories. Brown University has campus accessibility maps that provide information about campus accessibility, including but not limited to information about accessible paths of travel, lift locations, and accessible parking. These maps can be found at campus maps For specific information about accessibility, please contact the Office of Student and Employee Accessibility Services, at 401-863-9588 (phone), 401-863-9588 (Voice), 401-863-1444 (fax), (e-mail).

Program Houses: The University is currently evaluating program and special interest housing to determine a course of action for making inaccessible program and theme housing accessible to disabled students desiring to reside in such a program or special interest house. Among the options being considered by the University are renovating currently inaccessible program/special interest houses or relocation of inaccessible program/special interest houses to accessible facilities.

Auxiliary (Rental) Housing: Additionally, the University is evaluating making improvements to selected auxiliary housing facilities so that there are units that are accessible to and usable by students with disabilities.

Some of these projects are on-going and some of them require substantial evaluation, planning, and execution. A recently completed project that has greatly enhanced the accessibility of campus facilities involves improvements to the Sharpe Refectory dining hall, including the installation of an elevator for the purpose of making the dining hall accessible to students with disabilities.

Brown University asks for your patience as it undertakes these important improvement projects. It is our goal to perform these improvements with minimal interference to campus activities.