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Alexa Peseri

EcoReps Mentor

Alexa Peseri has been a member of the EcoReps club since her first-year and worked as an Area EcoRep during her sophomore and junior years. She will be volunteering with EcoReps again this year, and plans to continue her involvement with environmentalism post-graduation in May 2014. As an intern, her all-time favorite event was the dorm energy reduction competition. She loves teaching students how to live more sustainably and enjoyed merging her involvement with both EcoReps and the Office of Residential Life in order to create and facilitate energy-centric programming for student residents. She is currently finishing up her summer 2013 research position in the Computer Science department, where she compiled qualitative and quantitative data to be compiled in a pending proposal for a cross-departmental (largely Computer Science, Biology, Economics, Psychology) Human-Robot-Interaction Institute at Brown. She will be working on a senior capstone practicum with the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (GHHI) and GHHI's national data team this fall.