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LEED ® Facts
Nelson and Fitness Center
Providence, RI
LEED for New Construction, v3

Certification achieved January 2014

GOLD 64*
Sustainable Sites 21/26
Water Efficiency 4/10
Energy & Atmosphere 17/35
Materials & Resources 4/14
Indoor Environment Quality 10/15
Innovation & Design 6/6
Regional Priority 2/4
* Out of possible 110

Innovation in Design (ID)
6 of 6 points attempted

IDc1.1 - Exemplary Performance of SSc5.2: Maximize Open Space (1/1)

IDc1.2 - Exemplary Performance SSc4.1; Alternative Transportation (1/1)

IDc1.3 - Educational Outreach (1/1)

IDc1.4 - Low Mercury Lighting (1/1)

IDc1.5 - Green Cleaning (1/1)

IDc2 - LEED® Accredited Professional (1/1)

Credit 1.1 - Exemplary Performance of SSc5.2; Maximize Open Space: Over 47% of the site area within the LEED project boundary is vegetated.

Credit 1.2 - Exemplary Performance (SSc4.1); Alternative Transportation: Exemplary Performance (SSc4.1); Alternative Transportation: The project increased transit ridership through being within .25 miles of at least 2 or more bus stops for 4 or more public or campus bus lines usable by building occupants.  The frequency of service is a minimum of 200 transit rides per day, total.

Credit 1.3 - Green Building Education:  Two Brown University students, Danielle Dahan and Andrea Krukowski, designed the template that informs this web site through their independent study project during the spring semester of 2011.  The purpose of the site is to educate students on LEED and green building design.  Additionally, the site will allow students access to this information for the purposes of student academic projects and extracurricular projects that involve the Aquatic Fitness Center or other academic buildings. The second component of this point was the creation of a tour script, which includes this building as well as many other green features of Brown University.

Credit 1.4 - Low Mercury Lighting: Low mercury lighting of below 80 pico-grams per lumen hour was achieved in this project.

Credit 1.5 - Green Cleaning: Brown is committed to safe and sustainable practices in their cleaning processes, equipment and products. A green cleaning policy has been implemented and provided to the USGBC in support of earning this credit.

Credit 2 - LEED® Accredited Professional:  LEED® Accredited Professional: At least one principal participant of the Aquatic Fitness Center project team was a LEED Accredited Professional. The intent of this credit is to encourage design integration and simplify the certification process.


Facilities Project Manager:  John Cooke
Facilities Engineer:  John Faunce King
Design Architect: Robert A.M. Stern Architects
Civil Engineer: Woodard & Curran
MEP Engineer: Wozny Barbar & Asso
Commissioning: Stephen Turner
Contractor: Shawmut Design and Construction
Sustainability Consultant/LEED Administrator: Green Engineer