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LEED ® Facts
Rhode Island Hall
Providence, RI
LEED for New Construction, v2.2
Certified August 2010
Sustainable Sites6/14
Water Efficiency2/5
Energy & Atmosphere12/17
Materials & Resources6/13
Indoor Environment Quality11/15
Innovation & Design5/5
* Out of possible 69

Innovation in Design (ID)
5 of 5 points attempted

IDc1.1 - Exemplary Performance for WEc3 (1/1)

IDc1.2 - Educational Outreach (1/1)

IDc1.3 - Low Mercury Lighting (1/1)

IDc1.4 - Exemplary Performance for SSc4.1 (1/1)

IDc2 - LEED Accredited Professional (1/1)

Credit 1.1 - Exemplary Performance for achieving 40% water savings. See credit WEc3 for more information.

Credit 1.2 - Educational Outreach: Videos and websites have been created for the public to learn about LEED and the greening of this building. Whit Shroder '09, an Archaeology concentrator has documented the transformation of this building on a wiki. To learn more, visit Whit's website. Tours are available by contacting the Project Manager.

Credit 1.3 - Low mercury lighting of below 80 pico-grams per lumen hour was achieved in this project.

Credit 1.4 - Exemplary Performance for the large number of bus and shuttle stops in the vicinity of Rhode Island Hall. See credit SSc4.1 for more information

Credit 2 - LEED® Accredited Professional: To earn this point, the design team hired Aaron Bruckerhoff, of Anmahian Winton Architects, to streamline the LEED certification and support design integration during the process.


Facilities Project Manager:  John Cooke
Facilities Engineer:  Richard Kasper
Archeology Dep’t:  Susan Alcock
Facilities Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED):  Ginger Gritzo
Architect and LEED Accredited Professional (AP):  Anmahian-Winton (Aaron Bruckerhoff)