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LEED ® Facts
Rhode Island Hall
Providence, RI
LEED for New Construction, v2.2
Certified August 2010
Sustainable Sites6/14
Water Efficiency2/5
Energy & Atmosphere12/17
Materials & Resources6/13
Indoor Environment Quality11/15
Innovation & Design5/5
* Out of possible 69

Water Efficiency (WE)
2 of 5 points attempted

WEc3.1 - Water Use Reduction, 20% Reduction (1/1)

WEc3.2 - Water Use Reduction, 30% Reduction (1/1)

Not Attempted: WEc1.1 - Water Efficient Landscaping, Reduce by 50%; WEc1.2 - Water Efficient Landscaping, No Potable Use or No Irrigation; WEc2 - Innovative Wastewater Technologies

Credit 3.1 - Water Use Reduction, 20% Reduction: RI Hall uses 20% less water than stated in the Energy Policy Act of 1992 fixture performance criteria. The policy states that a building should only use 100 gallons of water per day. This building only uses 80 gallons of water per day. Therefore, 20 gallons are saved each day because of the efficient water systems installed in the building.

Credit 3.2 - Water Use Reduction, 30% Reduction:  Similar to the previous credit, this point states that RI Hall uses 30% less water than stated in the Energy Policy Act of 1992 fixture performance criteria. RI Hall achieved this point by installing dual flush handles. A dual flush toilet allows the user to choose between two settings for flushing – a low amount of water, usually used for liquid waste, and a high amount of water, usually used for solid waste. This saves a significant amount of water use because it allows users to select the amount of water needed to flush the toilet.


Facilities Project Manager:  John Cooke
Facilities Engineer:  Richard Kasper
Archeology Dep’t:  Susan Alcock
Facilities Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED):  Ginger Gritzo
Architect and LEED Accredited Professional (AP):  Anmahian-Winton (Aaron Bruckerhoff)