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LEED ® Facts
Rhode Island Hall
Providence, RI
LEED for New Construction, v2.2
Certified August 2010
GOLD 40*
Sustainable Sites6/14
Water Efficiency2/5
Energy & Atmosphere 10/17
Materials & Resources6/13
Indoor Environment Quality11/15
Innovation & Design5/5
* Out of possible 69

Sustainable Sites (SS)
6 of 14 points attempted

SSc1 - Site Selection (1/1)

SSc2 - Development Density & Community Connectivity (1/1)

SSc4.1 - Alternative Transportation, Public Transportation Access (1/1)

SSc4.2 - Alternative Transportation, Bicycle Storage & Changing Rooms (1/1)

SSc5.2 - Site Development, Maximize Open Space (1/1)

Not Attempted: SSc3 - Brownfield Redevelopment; SSc4.3 - Alternative Transportation, Low-Emitting & Fuel-Efficient Vehicles; SSc4.4 - Alternative Transportation, Parking Capacity; SSc5.2 - Site Development, Maximize Open Space: SSc6.1 - Stormwater Design, Quantity Control; SSc6.2 - Stormwater Design, Quality Control; Credit 7.1 - Heat Island Effect, Non-Roof; SSc7.2 - Heat Island Effect, Roof; SSc8 - Light Pollution Reduction

Credit 1 - Site Selection:  This is a previously developed site.

Credit 2 - Development Density & Community Connectivity: Rhode Island Hall is located in a mixed-use urban environment, close to many basic services on the East Side.

Credit 4.1 - Alternative Transportation, Public Transportation Access: Rhode Island Hall is located within a quarter mile of several Providence bus stops as well as a Safe Ride stop that building occupants can use free of charge. This mitigates the building's impact on the environment by encouraging building occupants to utilize public mass-transit, thereby combating global warming by reducing the pollution otherwise created from automobile use.

Credit 4.2 - Alternative Transportation, Bicycle Storage & Changing Rooms: Shower and changing facilities are located across the street from Rhode Island Hall at Horace Mann House. Bicycle storage will be on-site, further encouraging alternative transportation use instead of fossil-fuel intensive travel.

Credit 5.2 - Site Development, Maximize Open Space: Rhode Island Hall is located on the Main Green, so occupants have easy access to open space.


Facilities Project Manager:  John Cooke
Facilities Engineer:  Richard Kasper
Archeology Dep’t:  Susan Alcock
Facilities Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED):  Ginger Gritzo
Architect and LEED Accredited Professional (AP):  Anmahian-Winton (Aaron Bruckerhoff)