Department of
Facilities Management
Brown University
Box 1941
295 Lloyd Ave.
Providence, RI 02912

Facility Emergency:
Tel: (401) 863-7800

Service Request:
Tel: (401) 863-7800

Main Office:
Tel: (401) 863-7850
Fax: (401) 863-7885


Facilities bills for some services, depending primarily upon the scope and nature of the work:

Work Orders:

Routine billable services not covered by the facilities service fee are managed within the office of Maintenance Services. When submitting a work request on-line (Service Request) or via telephone, the customer is informed if the service is billable. These sold service work orders can be billed as completed, or on a quarterly basis if the circumstances warrant. Charges appear in ledgers in sub-code 6150 with the actual description on the work order and a department number of 71917. These charges are applied to a department ledger once a month and a statement of charges is sent to the customer giving a breakdown of labor, material, and purchase orders. For questions about work order billing, please contact the Business Support Manager at (401) 863-7830.


Equipment used for an event, whether owned by Facilities Management or rented specifically for the event, is billed through an event work order. Examples of equipment would be tables, chairs, tents, stages and sound equipment. Labor charges are incurred for the set up, break down, and cleaning after an event. If needed, a sound technician or custodian on duty, and municipal fees for permits and fire inspections of rented tents may be billed for an event. All charges billed against the event work order appear in the department ledgers in sub-code 6150 with the actual description on the work order. A statement is also sent to the customer giving a breakdown of all charges, labor and equipment, for the event. For questions about event billing, please contact the Events Financial Coordinator at (401) 863-5004.


Larger, more complex jobs are managed by the Planning, Design & Construction office. Departmentally funded projects are initiated through a project planning process that fixes a budget amount to the work. (Initiation & Estimates) The department authorizes the budget and provides an account number to be charged. Costs are charged monthly and appear in sub-code 6150 of the department ledgers with a description representing the project/job order number (“JO3-8xxxx”) and a department number of 72000. For questions about project charges, please contact the Financial Coordinator at (401) 863-7853.