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Facilities Management
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Engineering Office

The Engineering Office supports the University's academic mission by enhancing the quality of the engineered systems on campus. These systems include the mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems within buildings, the various University-owned campus utility systems as well as public utility systems serving the campus.

To support this mission, the Engineering Office provides professional engineering support and technical coordination to Facilities Management offices as well as to other University Departments in areas such as campus-wide project planning, design, construction and operations. Professional engineering support includes:

Design and Construction Standards:

Design and Construction Standards. The Design and Construction Standards is a series of design documents, technical specifications, and detail drawings that can be used by architects, consultants, contractors, and Brown personnel in design, construction, and repair projects in buildings and the Brown campus infrastructure.

Campus Metering System:

The Engineering Office is setting up and operating a web-based, campus-wide metering system for status monitoring and metering of electrical consumption for most buildings. In addition, this system is also being configured to monitor flow rates and energy consumption of high temperature hot water, chilled water and natural gas utilities for selected buildings. Limited access to the metering system is provided via the Campus Metering System.