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FM Partnership Program

Facilities Management is pleased to announce the implementation of the "FM Partnership Program". The intent of the program is to enhance two-way communication between the various University departments and Facilities Management.

The program will provide an opportunity for University department representatives and building managers to routinely meet with Facilities Management staff to review department issues that Facilities Management has a responsibility for; to assist in resolving operational and building concerns that departments may have; and to help answer questions that departments may have about Facilities Management as an organization.

To serve the need of Facilities' customers who are responsible for large programs and/or large departments, as well as departments that have a greater need for Facilities' services, teams made up of staff from a cross-section of Facilities Management offices, (i.e., Operations, Service Response, Custodial, Planning Design & Construction, and Engineering) have been established to periodically meet with department representatives. These departments include:

For a listing of the FM team members assigned for these groups click here.

For all other University departments, selected Facilities Management staff has been assigned to periodically meet with building managers on an individual basis. For a listing of the FM team members assigned for these buildings, click here.

As the program is being rolled out, representatives from Facilities Management will be contacting department representatives and building managers soon to explain the program and to set up an introductory meeting.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Deb Dunphy, Director of Facilities Services at 863-7843 or email Deb at