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Facility Design and Construction Standards

The Brown University Facility Design and Construction Standards is a set of guideline design documents, technical specifications, and detail drawings to be used by architects, consultants, contractors, and Brown personnel in the planning, design, construction, and repair projects in buildings and on infrastructure on the Brown campus.

These Standards reflect the planning, design, construction, and operations expertise of University personnel. The information included within each section contains the procedures to be followed, materials to be used, or design Standards that are appropriate to assure the quality desired at the University.

Brown University's intent is to build high-quality, durable, and sustainable buildings and infrastructure that are cost-effective to maintain, while providing latitude for innovation. Architects, engineers, and designers are encouraged to propose innovative and cost-effective variations that meet or exceed the Standards. Any deviations during design or construction must be brought to the attention of the Brown Project Manager for review and written approval prior to incorporation into the project.

Consultant/Contractor Compliance Instructions

All design consultants and contractors are expected to fully review the Brown University Design & Construction Standards as part of their services to Brown University. At each specific applicable stage of the project (SD, DD, CD, Submittal, Change Request, Other), please print and complete the Compliance Form.

For any specific sections of your Drawings & Specifications, Submittals or Change Requests that do NOT comply with the Brown University design and Construction Standards, the Waiver Request Form must be completed. Note - the Brown University Project Manager must approve any proposed waiver from the Standards.

Click for the COMPLIANCE FORM or for the WAIVER REQUEST FORM for requested deviations from the Standards.

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List of 6-Digit Standards

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+ 00 - Bidding Requirements and Contract Guidelines

+ 01 - General Requirements

+ 04 - Masonry

+ 05 - Metals

+ 06 - Wood and Plastics

+ 07 - Thermal and Moisture Protection

+ 08 - Doors and Windows

+ 09 - Finishes

+ 10 - Specialties

+ 12 - Furnishings

+ 14 - Conveying Systems

+ 21 - Fire Protection

+ 22 - Plumbing

+ 23 - Mechanical

+ 26 - Electrical

+ 27 - Communications

+ 28 - Electronic Safety and Security

+ 32 - Exterior Improvements